remove dark spots

Remove Dark Spots

Do you want to know how to remove dark spots from your face and body? If yes, then read the following article which suggests various natural, salon, and medical treatment options for the same.

Dark spots occur on account of various reasons. Prolonged sun exposure, natural aging, malfunction of the liver, allergies, and inadequate skin care are the primary culprits behind this skin condition. They can make any person very conscious about his looks and may even dent his or her self-esteem in some cases. Here are some treatment options for getting rid of this skin condition. Lemon Juice Dark spots which are caused due to acne can be very stubborn, and it is very difficult to get rid of them. This is where lemon juice comes in handy. Take a lemon, squeeze out its juice and apply it on the face. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and is a natural bleaching agent. If your skin is sensitive, you may mix lemon juice with rosewater or honey and then apply it on your face. Regular application of lemon juice, on alternate days, helps to remove dark spots on the face. Vitamin E Capsules Dark spots on legs, also known as hyperpigmentation, can be treated at home using vitamin E. In order to remove these spots, simply take a few vitamin E capsules, break them open, and collect the fluid. With this fluid, massage the affected area on the legs. Continue these massages everyday, for about a month. Shea Butter Shea butter, if applied in its natural form, on the affected skin area, can be very effective. Besides aiding in dark spot removal, shea butter helps in moisturizing and hydrating the skin, thereby rejuvenating and refreshing it. If shea butter is not available, lotions and creams which contain this ingredient can also be used to remove age spots. Salon Treatments Try glycolic facials, which are offered by many spas and salons. These facials help to remove dark spots as glycolic acid is the main component used in these facials. Glycolic acid helps in removing the dead cells and the upper layer of the skin, thereby aiding in dark spot removal. Skin Creams There are various skin creams that are available in the market which though, may not completely remove them, but can surely lighten the spots. Topical creams which contain Vitamin C can prove to be quite effective. Creams and lotions with hydroquinone, which can be bought over the counter are beneficial too. Laser Therapy If none of the home and salon treatments prove effective, then laser therapy can be used. In this therapy, the affected skin is subjected to a beam of light, which enters the skin and destroys the cells that cause such spotting. Although laser therapy can be quite expensive, it can completely remove dark spots from the skin. It requires a great deal of time, patience and effort to get rid of dark spots on the skin. So it is always wise to prevent them from occurring in the first place. For preventing them, whenever you venture out in the sun, always apply a sunscreen lotion with at least 30 SPF. Drink lots of water so that the toxins are removed from your body regularly and acne, pimples, etc., do not appear on the skin. Also, eat a well-balanced diet and exercise daily, as these help in proper blood circulation, thereby maintaining a healthy, radiant skin.

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