high fiber cereals

High Fiber Cereals

Fiber is currently the buzzword in the dieting circles as the 'ultimate thing' that seems to take care of both calories and hunger. So how can you pack your diet with fiber? Try some of the high fiber cereals!

Most people are aware of the advantages of consuming a high fiber diet. Consuming foods with a high quantity of fiber helps keep your body feeling full, but since it does not get absorbed in the body, there is no problem of the calories piling up. High fiber foods will simply fill your stomach and then harmlessly pass out of your body. Moreover, it helps in aiding the digestive process. Fiber is good for the digestive system because it helps 'push' the food along. Also, in case of soluble fibers, they ferment the digested food and soften the stools. This news should make people having constipation to sit up...err...sit down and listen. Not to mention the benefits when it comes to lowering cholesterol in blood. So why not start the day with a helping of fiber. How? There are many cereals for you to choose from! While fiber may be contained in several foods such as fruits and leafy vegetables, I doubt there is any other foodstuff that is as packed with fiber as cereals. Few other foods can compete with cereal when it comes to the amount of fiber per serving. So, why not kickstart your day with some of the high fiber cereals.
  1. Oatmeal! You need not even cringe at the sound of oatmeal any more as there is a large variety of flavors to jazz up the plain old oats! You can also add your own little recipe of prunes or raisins to your oatmeal.
  2. Call me crazy, but I do love bran-cereals. Bran cereals also have a high fiber content. Bran is one of the richest sources of fiber having almost 20gms in one cup. There are also other variants of bran like raisin bran that are healthy.
  3. Another idea is to opt for foods with whole wheat. Ditch the white bread and go for brown. Brown bread is made from whole wheat and has significantly higher quantities of fiber. Ditto with whole wheat pasta and brown rice.
The Best High-Fiber Cereals One of the cereals that is highly recommended for its high fiber content is 'Fiber One', which claims that one half-bowl serving takes care of 57% of your daily requirement. Another highly recommended cereal maker is 'Kashi'. Their GoLean Crunchy Fiber Twigs and Honey Puffs are high in fiber and tasty as well. Then you have 'Kellog's Raisin Bran Extra', that gives 7 grams fiber per serving. Other widely available cereals include those made by 'Quaker' and 'Trader Joe's'. It is a commonly asked question that why we should consume fiber in the morning. The answer is that consuming fiber in the morning fills your stomach up for a large part of the afternoon and discourages you from eating junk food between breakfast and lunch. It also helps the process of digestion in the morning. So this is how you can include high fiber cereals in a fiber diet plan. But remember, although fiber is good for health, it is not advisable to consume more fiber than necessary and as a replacement for other nutritive foods. To fuel your body, you are going to need other vital nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Fiber should be used only as a partial replacement for these nutrients, to give you that "hunger satiation" feeling, so no excess calories are added. At the end of the day, fiber may not be of much help in fueling your daily activities, but it is definitely a supplement to the vital nutrients.

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