cooperative games for kids

Cooperative Games for Kids

If you want to throw a great bash for your child, but without the disappointment of competitive games, here are some cooperative games for kids that will help them enjoy without feeling letdown.

Kids are generally very impressionable, which is why when we impart any kind of knowledge, habits, or wisdom, we have to be very careful. There are times when we don't even realize the kind of impression kids have when we do or say certain things. Similar is the case when you are hosting a party and are having them play competitive kids' party games. Since most games or competitive, it is hard to figure what a child will make of losing or winning a game. Moreover, not only their own loss, but sometimes the victory of others in the game also affects them badly. Till they understand that winning and losing is a part of life, and learn to come to terms with it, it is advisable to try to avoid such situations when it is in your hands. In cases like these, cooperative games for kids are a great choice. The idea behind these games is that all children enjoy the game, without winning or losing, that kids learn to cooperate with each other, and that also imparts a kind of team spirit among them. Usually, these games are extremely fun and giggly. It is possible that sometimes, such group games may get boring, which is why it is important to keep modifying the rules of the game, and put an end to it so as to keep the fun alive. While some of these can be played indoors, others can easily be enjoyed even outdoors. Here are some games kids can indulge in. A Knotty Affair This is one of the most fun games for kids in a medium-sized group (say 8-9 kids). All kids are to be blindfolded, and made to stand in a circle. On your call, ask them to step forward and grab hold of any hand across them. Each hand should be holding another kid's hand. Remove the blindfold, and again on your call, ask the kids to start untangling themselves into a complete circle, but without leaving their hands. This means that kids will have to go under and over each other to untangle themselves. Watch them laugh and enjoy as they attempt to free themselves of all these knots. Chain Tag In this game, one kid is chosen to chase the others and tag them. As and when a kid is tagged, the tagged kids hold hands to form a chain and try to tag the remaining kids. As the chain grows longer, it becomes more and more difficult to maneuver it to chase and tag other kids. Here, kids cooperate with each other to work together as a team and make the most of this challenge and fulfill their task. While the underlying concept of this game is to build a team spirit, chain tag as one of the best outdoor party games for kids calls for a lot of fun among the little ones! Ten Things To Do Another fun party game to play among a large number of kids is to have all of them collect in a group and assign a leader. The leader will give them instructions to perform an activity, and all of them have to do it together. For instance, if the leader instructs, 'do a somersault', then all the kids will do a somersault. If she/he instructs, 'play leap frog with your neighbor', then the kids will continue doing it till the leader shouts 'stop'! The number of instructions can be varied, whacky, and as outrageous as you think the kids can manage. Kids can play this game both, indoors and outdoors, until they tire of it. Create Your Own Story This game is a great ice breaker game for kids. It revolves around starting with a minor object, and weaving a story around it. Have kids sit in a group and close their eyes. Ask one to imagine a small thing such as a lid. The next kid will add another detail to it. For instance, this could be 'a lid of a bottle of jam'. Then the next kid will add a detail like 'a slice of bread next to the bottle of jam'. This continues to create a beautiful picture among the little ones. Keep an account of the details added and recount every detail to tell them of the picture they have created. It Fits! This is perhaps one of the funniest indoor games for kids that they can enjoy together. Line up a few bottles, and tie a pencil to a long piece of string. Now tie this string around the waist of the little ones, and the pencil should hang at least 6 inches from the waist. Now line up the kids in front of the bottles, and have them try to put the pencil in the bottle. While this is sure to send them into peals of laughter, have them move ahead and try to put the pencil in each bottle that you have lined up. For further variations, tie the pencil in different positions; in the front, at the back (definitely more challenging), and on either side! With these cooperative games, not only are you doing away with the competition, you are also introducing kids to a lot of fun without any pressure. Use these as birthday party games, or simply for some kiddy fun, the kids are going to have wonderful and memorable time!

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