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Places to Visit in Qatar

Have you heard of Qatar? It is indeed a place worth visiting as there are all kinds of escapades you can choose from. This article expounds the various regions of Qatar and other unique things in the state.

Situated in the Southwest Asia, the State of Qatar is a peninsula in the Arabian Gulf and a part of Arab Emirate. It's capital is Doha, which is a modern city situated in the eastern part of this small peninsula. It's modern airport as well as seaport are used for business and other activities with the outside world, as Doha itself is a significant commercial and cultural center. As seen from the air, the capital's panorama is splendid; its uniqueness consists of charming and exotic combinations of the blue gulf water, and the sand of the desert, backing the modern scenery of the city. Umm Sa'id When it comes to industrial production, as with the main activity of Arab Emirates, Qatar is involved in oil refining and Umm Sa'id is the core of its industry. The factories produce steel, fertilizer, natural gas, and related products. Umm Sa'id is only 45 km south of Doha on the east side of Qatar, and its port is used to export oil and other products. It is not only famous and renowned as the heart of the peninsula's industry, but also as the place full of nature's beauty that attracts visitors. The beaches represent tourists' attractions offering moments of unforgettable memories and breathtaking views. Al Wakra A newly developed town is Al Wakra. It was initially nothing more but a little fishing village approximately 20 km away from the capital. The village developed and today there are more than 30, 000 people living in this prosperous small town. If you like nature, you can see the whole natural history of that zone in the Al Wakra Museum that also exposes the aquatic life, or if you'd rather like to swim, the fine beaches of this little town will not disappoint you! Al Khor and Dukhan Al Khor is a coastal town well-known for its harbor. It is approximately at a distance of 60 km from Doha on the east coast. The beauty of this place is due to its small craft and fishing boats as well as due to its exceptionally beautiful beaches. You can also visit its mosques, the historic tower, and amplify everything with a traditional meal prepared from the fish. On the opus side, on the west coast of Quatar, you will find Dukhan, which was made famous when oil which is 'the black gold', was discovered in its surroundings. It is actually an extended oil field of 80 km by 8 km. It includes three oil reservoirs and a non-associated gas reservoir (Khatiyah, Fahahil, Jaleha, and Diyab). Bedouin Lifestyle Are you interested to see the original Bedouin lifestyle? Al Ruwais, located on the north of the peninsula is the place where you can still find the original way of life as a Bedouin. You'll also see it perfectly blended and merged with the modern way of life. The Bedouins' forefathers were the nomads of the Arabian Peninsula. Their lifestyle provokes one to think and to realize that we are just in a tent here on Earth and everything is so ephemeral! If you also want to get deep inside yourself and face the reality, think about their lifestyle. Their graves are of a striking simplicity; they are marked with a stone at the head and another at the feet of the deceased person, and the clothes of the deceased are laid on the grave so that anyone who needs, can simply have them. Forts, Coffee and Gahwa helw One of the attractions of Qatar is represented by its Forts: Umm Salal Mohammed, Al-Rakiyat, Al-Thughb, and Marroub Fort. They were built starting from the 17th century up to the end of the 20th century. The history seen in their old architectural style of mud and stone epitomizes the inheritance left behind by the older generations. If you love coffee, you should know that it is a representative of Qatar's cuisine. The special Arabian coffee you find here is made of lightly roasted beans spiced with cardamom. However, the way it is served is typical for the place: cups with thimble shape. Gahwa helw is another well-known drink with saffron and cardamom infusion; it is also sweet and what's more, it is the privilege of the elite on special events! With all the beautiful nature it has to offer, Qatar is indeed an exquisite place to visit.

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