best longboard brands every skater should know

12 Best Longboard Brands Every Skater Should Know

Adrenaline rush, feeling of catapulting into the air and flying, or riding a wave; Longboarding is not just an ordinary sport and to be a skilled skater one needs to have the perfect board. This article gives a guide to buying from the best Longboard brands.

Surf Your Turf
Longboarding has its roots in surfing, many longboard decks resemble surfboards.
Longboarding is a popular sport that is recently making waves from coast to coast. It appeals because of its simple style, and anyone can learn longboarding in virtually no time. They are commonly used for downhill racing, slalom or transportation. Its main difference from the skateboard lies in the fact that longboards are 'beginner-friendly' due to their bigger and softer wheels, which are easy to maneuver, and longer and wider decks. They are constructed using a variety of materials like bamboo, maple and fiberglass, and are available in various styles like pintails, cruisers, drop-through and drop-down.
Types Of Longboards
Cruiser Longboard: Easy means of transportation and ideal for beginners. Deck: Ideally 28''- 46'' Deck Flex: Easier and closer to the ground, making it easier to balance and push. Freeride Longboard: For intermediate and advanced skaters. Deck: Ideally 38''- 42'' Deck Flex: Ideal for running downhills while doing technical maneuvers. Downhill Longboard: For advanced skaters only. Deck: Ideally 37''- 43'' Deck Flex: Ideal for speed and precision. Following are the best brands that cater to a skilled longboard skater.
Sector 9
The company was founded in 1993 by avid skaters who rented out a house in La Jolla California, they have incorporated their experience into designing and improving the capabilities of a longboard. Among the various styles and designs to pick from, the company also offers a free riding deck model with 5/8-inch drop rocker, which lowers your center of gravity for more speed and control. Start Longboarding : Sector 9
Santa Cruz Skateboards
The company offers five different series of longboards: Heritage, Signature, Elevation, Flow, and Glide. Their longboards are a perfect blend of technical expertise and artistic flair. The major perk being a deal with Lucasfilm for selling a limited edition of Star Wars skateboards. Start Longboarding : Santa Cruz Skateboards
Krown Longboards
The company offers exclusive longboards with stylish and funky deck graphics for beginners. These can be used mainly for transportation and not for tricks or racing downhill. It has a series called Rookie Complete that offers varying deck sizes with 65 mm wheels and a durometer reading of 78A. Start Longboarding : Krown Longboards
Surf One
They are a part of the Skate One Company, and are much of an old-school brand in longboarding. The company offers a range of old school, classic, and retro longboards which are artistic in design and graphics. The wood grain graphic treatment on the deck makes it reminiscent of a Woody station wagon from the 60s. The offer on choosing from a range of deck sizes is exciting, and if you are looking for more speed and slide control, then this brand is definitely the one for you. Start Longboarding :Surf One
Atom Longboards
Started in Colorado Springs, Colorado, by a group of designers who were also expert boarders, the company specializes in pintails, drop-through, and hybrid longboards that one can purchase from a wide range at affordable prices. These are ideal for beginners and intermediates who are looking too enhance their skills. So if you are looking to practice your spins and turns and getting hooked to the sport, then this brand is ideally suited for you. Start Longboarding :Atom Longboards
Loaded Longboards
Based on a high demand, the company offers the feel of snowboarding on the streets with style and panache since 1995, and is based in Culver City, California. These longboards are on the wishlist of every skater for their groundbreaking designs. Producing original series like Vanguard, Dervish, Tan Tien, and Bhangra, these boards are precise when it comes to performance and quality. So if you want to experience the fun of snowboarding in summer, hit up on this brand to fulfill your need. Start Longboarding : Loaded Longboards
Original Longboards
The company offers boards in the Apex 37, Pintail 40, Custom 35, and the Malakai series. Their major advantage is that the manufacturer customizes each piece according to the style and design requested by the customer, creating a unique and innovative longboard every time. Start Longboarding : Original Longboards
Arbor Longboards
Working ecologically since 1995, this company is located in Venice, California. The company offers the Axis Bamboo, Assault, Axis, Fish, Pin Bamboo, and Pin series. They believe in producing quality and durable longboards with reduced environmental impact. So if you are a nature lover and find environmental alternatives to harmful materials a perfect choice, then this brand offers the best in eco-friendly longboards. Start Longboarding : Arbor Longboards
Gravity Longboards
The company chooses to offer high quality designs in exciting deck sizes since 1994, and is based in San Diego, California. The company offers the complete 41 Drop Carve - Makai, Complete 42 Mini Carve, 27 Mini Classic and 37 Diamond Tail complete series. They are available in all ranges for all riding types. So if you are looking to choose from a variety of rides, then this brand will never disappoint your style. Start Longboarding : Gravity Longboards
GoldCoast Longboards
The company offers the Complete Longboard Pier, Blues Longboard, Complete Longboard Floater, Complete Longboard Circuit Bolt, and the Venice Longboard series. They are available in all ranges for all riding types in innovative shapes and sizes. Start Longboarding : GoldCoast Longboards
Never Summer Longboards
The main objective of this company is to provide better tail protection in composite construction, it's based in Denver, Colorado. The company offers the Swift, Soldier, Assault, Heist, and the Tyrant series. They are a well-reputed name for over 20 years and are known for producing the most durable, high performance longboards in the market. If you are looking to bet your style on a reputed brand, then go with these longboards. Start Longboarding : Never Summer Longboards
Globe Longboards
This company derives inspiration from surfing while designing the perfect longboards. The company offers the Prowler, Cruiser, Pinner, and Zodiac series. They are available in all sizes and come with a choice in materials and at affordable prices. So if you feel like cruising the ground just like the sea, then this brand caters well to your skater needs. Start Longboarding : Globe Longboards Hope you enjoyed cruising through the list, now it's time to get on the board and practice all the tricks!

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