bedroom painting designs

Bedroom Painting Designs

Bedroom painting will revamp your room like you never knew. Make over you entire room, with just a stroke of color, find out how...

Bedrooms are your personal spaces and by that virtue, an extension of your personality. Various bedroom wall painting designs help you in painting your bedroom, the way you want. You can customize your designs, try out some bold and innovative designs or use the ones that are already available in the catalog. Depending on who will be using the bedroom, you can decide what kind of bedroom painting ideas will suit the room. Don't hesitate to use bright and brilliant colors to paint your bedroom. Here are some bedroom painting ideas to help you kickstart your colorful spree! Bedroom for Kids Expecting parents, families with a newborn and families with kids, pay attention please. Kids love color! Having kids in the house can itself be an inspiration, to paint the room in a riot of colors. If you are the expecting parents and are in a dilemma whether to choose blue or pink, go in for pastel shades in your kid's room painting ideas. Babies love such fresh colors, as it makes the environment very cheerful. You can try mellow yellow, fresh greens and light shades of red, in your baby's room painting ideas. Families looking to revamp the room for their little ones, must involve the child too, while discussing the color schemes. Try out themes in the room, like 'rocket launcher', where you can paint the universe and the rocket on the walls. Another theme would be 'kites', wherein you can paint a picture of kite flying all over the wall. If it's a girl's room, then try something like fairies and barbies. Bedroom for Teenagers Teenagers do not like the drama of pastel bedroom colors and designs, thinking that they are the themes for children. They like the use of bold colors, like fiery red, mystic maroon and sunset orange. There are a few themes, which you can use as teenage bedroom painting ideas. A lit up skyline or a sunset would look out of this world, as a teenage bedroom design! Let your children participate too, in deciding what the room should look like. Teenagers are not the ones with patience, so don't add too much of furniture in the room, especially some that will require painting. Keep it as spacious as possible. Bedroom for Grown Ups Out of the teenage and rebellious phase, mellow is the theme that grown ups prefer. Paint the bedroom with one wall decked up in fine wine and the rest in snow white. This is mystical combination, which gets an aura of calmness into your room. The other combinations can be like, coffee brown with beige, black satin on one wall, with the others in pure white, etc. Always ask the person what color he/she would prefer, because seeing the favorite colors, soothes the mind by bringing it back on the track. Thus bedroom painting ideas are just not about aesthetics, but about personal balance too. Bedroom for Couples A newly wed couple or a couple who's celebrated a 50th anniversary, bedroom painting is a great way of reviving the romance. Let the enigma of maroon set in, or the sensuality of black and white bedroom designs, the blue of the ocean, the generosity of green and the brilliance of orange, splash on your walls to reinvigorate the lost feelings. Many home decorating and painting companies will give you existing models of bedroom designs. However, having your own idea will add warmth to your room. Painting the room has the power to transform the mood as well. Beautiful color combinations are known to lift moods and heal people. So why not have it at your own home. Indulge in rediscovering your bedroom secrets with paints and fall in love with your room all over again!

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