valedictorian speech ideas

Valedictorian Speech Ideas

Generally, a student with the best grades is bestowed the honor of giving a valedictorian speech. The day of the farewell function is an occasion with mixed feelings in the life of every student. This Buzzle post has a few tips to gets you started.

The responsibility of delivering a good valedictorian speech must begin with preparing a careful approach plan. You should firmly bear in mind that a valedictory address is given on behalf of the entire class or a batch. It should reflect the sentiments, achievements, history, and memories of the entire class as a whole. You can refer to previous valedictory addresses in case you need some ideas. The Internet or your college website is also another good resource to check to help you out. How to Write a Valedictorian Speech? Writing such a speech is an art. While it should include all the formal demands of the occasion, it is important to remember that it is an intimate thought process to be shared on a larger platform. It should be dignified and tailored for a wide range of people, from the headmaster to the students, and the personal element should be prominently reflected in the ideas expressed. The style should be such that every student associates himself with the narration. The duration of the speech should be balanced to include all the crucial points and also not to cause murmur or boredom amongst the listeners. Ideally, a maximum of 15 minutes should be the time frame within which you should conclude your speech. Remember, not everybody would be keen on hearing you out, especially outsiders or kids in the audience, and there may be other speakers waiting to deliver their talks. Start with the most significant achievement of the school or college, recently achieved, and if possible linking your batch and its contribution to the same. If it was a magazine launch or winning the inter-school athletic meet, make the beginning positive and catchy. If there has been a tragic event, mention it at the very outset along with the positive points (like the retirement of a teacher or first ever loss in a sports meet). The start shouldn't be dramatic, but at the same time should convey the sentiment and the atmosphere in the premises due to the events that year. Make a list of all important points that are worth writing (not mentioning) in a sequential manner. The list can begin with all the significant points and the lesser ones can be jotted down later. While preparing the final speech, narrow down the points to the four or five most prominent ones. The idea should be to convey a gist of all the major events, therefore eliminate all that relies on supporting facts and statements. The start should be catchy and grab the attention of the crowd instantly. A humorous line or a witty remark on the school activities can be a good way to start. Make sure that the humor element is conveyed with great poise and confidence and without hesitation. During the course of your narration, do not forget to mention the workers, cleanliness workers, lab assistants and all such other individuals who never really figured in your larger picture, yet played a crucial role in assisting you at the institution. The entire speech should include certain remarks, quotes, and small narrations from your experiences to make it more involving. Always bear in mind that a graduation ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to convey your feelings, and hence, maintain the originality of the content. You can get it proofread from your friends and colleagues and get some interesting points to add. Rewrite the entire valedictorian speech ideas collected and make at least three final drafts. In the end, thank each and every person associated with your journey in your formative years.

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