bathroom ideas

Bathroom Ideas

By using some design principles and role the colors play, you can create a space which looks appealing. Here are various ideas and useful tips that will help you decorate a large or small bathroom.

Bathroom might not be the most important space in your home or apartment, but still a neat and clean bathroom is appealing. Apart from just keeping this room neat and clean, with some decorating ideas you can transform the ordinary bathroom into a beautiful-looking one. But, how does one approach decorating a bathroom? Before you start decorating this room the first thing you need to consider is the space - is your bathroom small or is it large in size? Decorating a master bedroom is a time-consuming task and should be approached carefully, as with more space there is more scope for adding decorative elements. However, for a small bathroom stick to minimalist approach. Small Bathroom Decent and Beautiful Decor There are certain things you can do to make a small bathroom design look bigger and brighter. White colors, mirrors, and additional lighting are some ideas. Stick to use of whites or shades of white like light beige or light grays for small bathroom. This doesn't mean you can't use colors in your bathroom. Stick to white painted walls, and paint your trims into a nice sunshine shade or an aqua blue to make the space look fun. Use a glass shower stall, add a large mirror, and some additional light fixtures. And to add few attractive focal points in the bathroom, add a houseplant, a small painting of outdoors, and modern design light fixture. Unusual Yet Appealing Decor If you wish to make your small bathroom look cool and unusual, then search for items which are compact and offer a design which helps to save space. With patience and time you will come across many such items, that will make the small bathroom design look great. If you can spend a little extra then why not go for a floating sink and cabinets in your bathroom. Floating elements will also make the job of cleaning easier too. You can also try black and white theme for your small bathroom to make it look unique. Paint the walls white and on one wall paint blobs of black, inside the blobs have square blocks which can be used to store shampoos and other toiletries. You can also go for a black plastic transparent bathtub and sink. Have a large cylindrical vase in one corner near the sink and fill it with silver spiral stems. And lastly hang a black and white picture of sea side on one white wall. Large Bathroom Decent and Beautiful Decor If you are decorating a master bedroom, then you can create an ambiance of your choice. You can go for a traditional theme of country or oriental design or go with a modern master bathroom. If you wish to create a traditional-looking bathroom, then go with yellow lights. Select furniture which gives the country theme and has some wood work on it. Select all the metal elements of the bathroom which are a shade of bronze or paint the steel ones to imitate bronze. Hang swags over windows. You can also hang a chandelier for bathroom lighting over the bathtub. If you wish to create a more modern-looking master bedroom, then stick to use of more whites and fresh colors while painting the walls. Stick to the ceiling lights which throw a soft white light and use steel fixtures. Place few modern abstract items on the counter to complete your look. Make sure while decorating a master bedroom you keep it comfortable and not very organized-looking, or it can look like a hotel bathroom. Unusual Yet Appealing Decor If you wish to make the master bedroom look unique and fresh then here are some ideas. Select a design of bathtubs and sinks which are curvy and modern. Go for a complete white painted bathroom and white bathroom bathtub, sinks, and toilet. Keep the bathroom with minimal items. Then to create the unique ambiance in the bathroom, install purple-colored small lights on the floor under the sink, the tub, etc. Instead of purple you can also go with red, aqua, or green colored lights; or to make the bathroom a little psychedelic go with purple lights under the tub, yellow lights near the sink, orange lights near the shower, etc. So, use the above decorating ideas for small or large bathroom, and create a beautiful-looking space or an unusual but interesting one!

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