bathroom sinks for small spaces

Bathroom Sinks for Small Spaces

Selecting the right sinks for small spaces helps the bathroom to look more spacious. This Buzzle article provides you with a few suggestions so as to accommodate sinks into smaller bathroom spaces.

When it comes to small bathrooms, one needs to select all the bathroom vanities very carefully. We can see that people have come up with many innovative ideas to decorate smaller bathrooms. However, certain things should be kept in mind.
  • Always go for more light; the brighter the light, more spacious the room will look.
  • Keep the floor space as empty as possible, and keep cabinets or shelves wall-mounted.
  • For accents, keep a few things like a tiny plant, a light fixture, or a candle.
  • Also, make sure you select the sink, toilet, and bathtub having such designs that it saves up on space.
Small Sinks for Smaller Bathrooms
Floating Sink
These are the best option for smaller bathroom sinks. As the sink is floating, the whole floor space looks empty. This empty space can be used in two ways: (i) You could possibly place something under the sink. For instance, a small dustbin, and thus, use this space effectively. (ii) Another way is to simply keep the floor space empty. Having a spacious bathroom is one of the best ways to make the place look larger. There are various types of floating sinks. You can either keep a vessel floating sink, a ceramic floating sink, a metal floating sink, or a glass sink. Glass sinks are even better bathroom sinks for small spaces. They are easier to clean, plus have a glass surface helps to see through, creating the illusion of more space. However, a nice shiny-white ceramic sink is also a good idea, as white reflects a lot of light, making the bathroom space look larger. However, when choosing such floating sinks for bathroom designs for small spaces, remember these pointers. There are various shapes of floating sinks available. Some are ceramic and rectangular in shape. Also, they have a small open shelf under it, which will allow you to store some hand towels or keep toiletries, while some will be just simple wall-mounted floating sinks. These are perfect if you have a very small bathroom as there is no shelf or any big rectangular structure under it. These come in cute oval to circle shapes, and are perfect for very small spaces.
Pedestal Sink
Pedestal bathroom sinks are also great small bathroom sinks and vanities. You could possibly keep an open shelf outside the bathroom, which contains all the extra towels and toiletries; also keep a pedestal sink near the door. A design is such that it has a freestanding pedestal leg supporting it. It is also very easy to clean around. Go for white or off-white color when choosing this sink.
Vessel Sink
A vessel sink is basically a small oval-shaped bathroom sink. However, one can also see some innovative designs like elegant-shaped oval ceramic sinks, which have a tap connected to it, giving it an elegant and modern look. This sink is made in such a way that it sits on top of the counter. These sinks are ideal for small spaces. These sinks come in various materials and colors. One can choose small-sized glass vessel sinks that are transparent or tinted with some color. You can also find them in ceramic and metallic designs. While installing bathroom sinks, make sure the plumbing is done properly. Because in case of improper plumbing, there is a possibility that you may problems in the future. Apart from the above-mentioned options, you can also consider a countertop, freestanding, corner bathroom, or tabletop vessel sink, provided you have space enough in your bathroom to fit it.

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