is spray tanning safe during pregnancy

Is Spray Tanning Safe During Pregnancy?

Expecting mothers may be wondering if spray tanning themselves during this period is safe, especially if they're used to tanning themselves. Find out here if this is safe for you and your baby.

For those women out there who are preggers, tanning may seem like something you'd want to put off, but there are solutions to the problems that self tanning poses. There are two ways that you can get yourself that perfect tanned look, either by laying down on a tanning bed and waiting for it to do its job, or using self-tanning lotions or sprays that you can apply by yourself before stepping outside. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind when it comes to tanning, like how it is not recommended to use tanning beds during this period, especially when you're in your first trimester. Tanning beds like the sun give off UV rays, where lying on a tanning bed could at some point through the session, increase your body temperature. Doctors always advise expectant mothers to be careful about raising their normal body temperatures that can happen in a sauna, hot tub or in this case a tanning bed, because it can cause spinal malformations in the developing fetus within the womb. Even lying down on a tanning bed can obstruct blood flow from going to your heart, doing the same for your baby. That is why it is highly recommended that you go the spray tanning way to ensure that you aren't risking yourself and your baby from any complications. Self tanning lotions and sprays can be applied onto the skin from the comfort of your home, without having to go to a salon or anything to have it sprayed on if you choose to not visit one. We'll take a look at why spray tanning is a far better option than using a tanning bed. Effects of Spray Tanning While Pregnant Spray tanning lotions are those that cannot permeate the skin layer, but rather sits atop it to give it a deeper color than one's actual pigmentation. It is safe to say that pregnant women and their babies are at no risk when it comes to spray-on tanners and lotions. DHA which is an active ingredient in self-tanning lotions and sprays, is a safe element that can be applied onto the skin. The best thing to do by mothers is to wait till after their first trimester to spray these on, just to remain cautious. It is important to put a mask on before spray tanning yourself to avoid breathing in the fumes. This includes covering your eyes, ears and mouth as well. If salons do not provide such services, you'll need to go elsewhere and have the spray tanning session done. If you're attempting this at home, it is wise to follow care instructions of keeping your facial region covered properly. Professional salons are your best go-to venues when it comes to where to get this job done the right way. Always test tanning sprays / lotions on your skin before completely applying it. This is done by spraying a little of the tanning lotion on your skin and waiting for 24 hours to see whether you react to it or not. The ingredients used in these sprays are known as 8 hr-tanning sprays / lotions that have been approved by the FDA as safe. There have been no reported side effects so this should allow mothers to draw a sigh of relief. For those who are breast-feeding, it is advisable to apply the spray / lotion away from one's breasts. Avoid using what is known as the 2 hr rapid-tan sprays / lotions, since these speed up the process of tanning one's skin. The problem here is that a chemical which has been added to this particular kind of tanning lotion / spray, lessens the time it takes for the skin to develop that tanned look. Anything done sooner than the usual 8 hr gap, has skin absorbers in them to make the skin produce a tanned layer in a lesser number of hours. This is then absorbed into the bloodstream, causing a reaction that won't turn out pleasant for mothers. Always going with the 8 hr-tan lotion / spray, is a much safer bet. It is safe to conclude that spray tanning is a better option than any other tanning method available out there. It should assure moms that using these during pregnancy is safe, although like I said earlier, waiting till after the first trimester to spray-tan or apply lotion to yourself would be advisable.

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