how to make and use alcohol ink for painting

How to Make and Use Alcohol Ink for Painting

Art aficionados are always looking for different mediums and unique methods to exercise their creative streak. So why not try alcohol ink; it can be easily made at home and has varied uses in painting. Check out four ways to make alcohol ink and some amazing ways in which you can use it, in this Buzzle write-up.

Less is more! Even a little amount of alcohol ink goes a long way, so don't use too much. Start with a little, and use more if required especially when stamping.
All the artistic souls out there are always looking for something new, different, and unique to beautify their work. Art has no dearth of mediums, and one of these are alcohol inks. If you are looking for inks to paint on glossy papers or metals, or try the stamping effect; then alcohol ink is perfect for you. Buying alcohol ink from an art and craft store can be expensive, and if you are a fan of the DIY trend, then read on. We have four different methods in which you can make your own alcohol ink. Plus, we give you some creative and offbeat ways in which you can use it. All the methods are very easy, and you require only two ingredients in each of them.
How to Make Alcohol Ink
Using old markers
Dried up old markers have a better use, rather than just discarding them. You can use them to make your very own alcohol ink. It's cheaper, and you are recycling your old markers as well. ▲ What You Need
  • Old markers in different colors
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Glass Jars
▲ Instructions
  • First fill 2/3rd the glass jars with rubbing alcohol and then, insert the tips of the old markers in the jar.
  • Let them soak for an hour till the color mixes properly with the alcohol.
  • To quicken the process, you can remove the ink reservoir and insert it directly in the jar. You can even insert more than one markers at a time.
▲ Tip: For an intense color, let the marker stay in the jar overnight. You can also use organic vodka instead of rubbing alcohol.
Using Food Coloring
▲ What You Need
  • 91% isopropyl alcohol
  • Food coloring (any colors)
  • Glass jars
▲ Instructions
  • First add the alcohol to the glass jars. Cover about 2/3 rd of the jar.
  • Now add 2 -3 drops of food coloring of your choice. You can increase the quantity later if you want a darker shade. That's it! Your alcohol ink is ready.
▲ Tip: It is better to use liquid food coloring as powders won't mix properly.
Using Powdered Rit Dye
▲ What You Need
  • Powered Rit dye
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Small glass jars
▲ Instructions
  • Using powdered rit dye is a good idea if you want a little grainy texture for your alcohol ink.
  • Take alcohol in the jar; add a spoonful of rit dye and shake well till the powder mixes properly with the alcohol. and you are done!
▲ Tip: Ensure that you shake the jar well, otherwise the ink will be too grainy to use.
Using Liquid Rit Dye
▲ What You Need
  • Liquid Rit fabric dye
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Small jars
▲ Instructions
  • Using liquid rit fabric dye is a good idea if you want a smooth ink.
  • Just mix isopropyl alcohol and the liquid rit fabric dye; mix well and your ink is ready to use!
▲ Tip: Use just 2 - 3 drops of rit dye initially. Add more later if you want a darker shade.
How to Use Alcohol Ink
Other than a basic limitation; you cannot use alcohol ink on very soft or thin paper as it will look smudgy; you can go crazy with alcohol ink; literally! Get creative and experiment all you like. We do have some suggestions on using alcohol ink.
Transform your old or plain decorations in to cool new ones instantly. Alcohol ink makes for attractive colorful glass decorations.
Trendy Coasters!
Use old coasters or jazz up the plain ones; make patterns or just colorful abstract designs! You can even paint old CD's with some abstract patterns or any designs of your choice.
Funk it up!
Why not liven up your old jewelry with some fun colors. Just mix and match different colors and transform your old pendants, rings, or earrings in to funky accessories.
Paint it up!
Now that you have made your own ink why not try it as a medium of painting.
Cool Covers!
Colorful phone cases is a trend to stay. Why spend so much when you can make your own. Flaunt your own style and unique designs using alcohol ink. You can even write your initials or zodiac with amazing calligraphy.
Greeting Cards
Show off your artistic talent with a beautiful card for your friend, family, or colleague. A cool way to make someone feel special and appreciated.
Most importantly, don't forget to have fun making and using your own alcohol ink!

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