how to make a rocking horse

How to Make a Rocking Horse

Children love horses and riding ponies is their all time favorite activity. You can build a rocking horse for your little ones, and watch them giggle with joy. The simple instructions in the following article will help you learn to make a rocking horse.

Horses are a part of every child's fantasy. Girls pretend to be princesses living in large castles with a pet unicorn. Boys love to pretend to be knights in shining armor, riding a big black horse. All toddlers love to have a rocking horse as a toy. They get immense joy by imagining horse riding their rocking horses. You may find many varieties of these wooden toys in your local toy shops. But if you have a hidden carpenter inside you and love woodworking, won't you love to build one for your little angel? Then, the following instructions will tell you how to make one in your workshop or garage. Instructions Tools
  • Jig saw or band saw
  • Hand saw or table saw
  • Drill with bits at ⅜". ⅝ ", ¾" and 1 ⅜" bits
  • Block plane
  • Divider or compass
  • Clamps
  • File
  • Dust Mask and Hearing Protection
Building Material
  • 1 - 2" x 10" x 8' Spruce
  • Leather-like material for ears
  • Wood glue
  • (14) 2 ½" #10 Screws
  • (10) 1 ¾" #8 Screws
  • (14) ⅜" Plugs
  • Sandpaper (120 and 220 grit)
  • Finish Materials
  • Choose a pattern available from magazines, websites, etc. Choose a design that is simple and easy to build.
  • Draw a full-size paper or a cardboard template of the rocking horse. Keep in mind that all the edges of the wooden rocking horse should be gently rounded. Use non-toxic finishing materials. It should be built from the 2" x 10" x 8' single wood block. Trace the templates onto the wood, and cut the pieces according to the outline. The rockers should be larger than ½", as they should be strong enough to sustain rough handling by a child.
  • Now, cut the wood using the saw you have chosen to trace the outline. Don't forget to mark the important areas where the finishing materials are to be added later on. Keeping the grain of the wood in mind, and cut the wood in a single direction. The direction gives a special look to the head, tail, and mane.
  • Assemble the pieces according to the plan. Wood glue and wood clamps can be used to piece together the wooden parts. Let the glue dry thoroughly before unclamping the wood clamps.
  • Use sandpaper of 220 girt and scrub the wood to remove any unevenness. Then, use the 120 girt sandpaper, to make the surface smoother. Use paint to color your horse, and apply a protective varnish.
  • Use a woolen or nylon rope to make the mane. Use a sturdy cloth material or quilt to make the saddle, as the child must feel comfortable when sitting on it. It should be ¾th the length of your child's legs, and the stirrup should be shorter than the leg of the horse. This gives support to the child when he is sitting on the saddle.
Remember to use a protective gear when making it. Now, you are ready to surprise your child with your homemade rocking horse. Enjoy the joyful giggles and innumerable smiles of your little angel rocking on it. Making it will surely make you the 'Dad in Shining Amour' in the eyes of your child.

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