how talking to yourself can help you

How Talking to Yourself Can Help You

Talking to yourself can help release painful feelings, lower stress, as well as boost concentration and memory. The following Buzzle article elaborates more on the benefits of talking to yourself.

In cartoons and illustrations, a thought bubble is often used to depict self-talk.
Talking to yourself can help you in many ways. It is the process of listening to our inner voice. It is described as our inner critic that often gives us an earful when we behave against our conscience. This inner critic when used in the right way can provide encouragement and direction to our life. Psychologists have long advocated the importance of self-talk as a way to discipline and empower ourselves. Engaging in self-talk can have a lot of benefits, some of which are given below: Boosts Concentration One of the best ways to stay in focus and improve concentration to achieve the desired goal is by talking to yourself. Time and again, you can remind yourself about the task that you need to stay focused on. Self-talk is often recommended to channelize all your attention towards the goal you want to achieve. It will help to keep your mind fixed and unwavering on the goals that you have set for yourself. Motivates You When you feel down in the dumps, instead of seeking the help of a motivational speaker, self-motivation is a better option. Positive self-talk can work wonders to motive you. It is one way of encouraging yourself to overcome a hostile situation. By telling yourself that 'You can do it', you will be in a better position to face a challenging situation. Athletes and even entrepreneurs often engage in self-talk just before an important event, which works to boost their self-confidence, and gain a mental edge. Self-talk plays a crucial role in enhancing their performance. Helps Rehearse Tough Situations This powerful technique of self-talk can help to rehearse a tough scenario. For instance, suppose you have to give an important presentation in front of your boss and clients. Such situations are bound to make you feel nervous. An easy way to calm down your nerves is to use self-talk to rehearse the presentation. Instead of rehearsing in the mind, speak loudly. Practicing in this way will surely make you better prepared for it. You will have the confidence to explain the presentation in the most engaging manner. Improves Memory People who often say that they tend to forget things or have difficulty remembering names are actually victims of negative self-talk. When you mutter such negative statements to yourself, you get back the same. In other words, a negative dialog with your subconscious mind will have the same effect on your behavior. Instead of reeling under such self-defeating behavior, you need to reprogram yourself to improve memory. So start saying positive statements like 'I will always remember names' to notice improvement in your ability to remember things. Releases Bottled-up Emotions Bottled-up emotions can severely affect your mental well-being and cause a wide range of health problems. Studies have also demonstrated that these painful feelings, if not released, can make the person aggressive. An easy way to free these built-up emotions is through self-talk. Talk to yourself aloud regarding your thoughts. This can help to free those emotional toxins that have built-up over time, in turn making you feel better. Lowers Stress and Anxiety When your self-talk is positive, you will notice that you have a better control over stress and anxiety-related response. Studies have shown that using self-talk constructively is one of the best ways to cope, reduce, and even prevent stress. With positive self-talk, you are better prepared to handle events that are sources of stress and anxiety. Regulates Decision-Making Self-talk can also help in making good decisions. When used constructively, self-talk will resolve conflicts and empower your mind to take the right decision. A monologue with yourself will allow you analyze the factors that are in favor and against your decision. This can help you understand the situation better, in turn speeding up the decision-making process. Remember, talking to yourself is easy and when engaged in positive self-talk, it can work wonders to your self-esteem, confidence levels, and overall well-being. Whether you speak to yourself aloud, in the mind, or in a whisper, make sure to choose thoughts that help bring a positive change in your life.

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