choosing the right hair color

Choosing the Right Hair Color

Hair color is used either as a fashion statement or for camouflaging gray hair. Choosing the right hair color is essential, if you want it to complement your skin as well as your overall personality. This article will provide tips for the same.

Along with a classy hairdo, the right hair color also contributes in creating an impact for onlookers. If you are thinking of being adventurous and wish to sport a funky hair color, you will find a variety of colors to choose from, right from natural copper or blonde colors to bright pink or red colors. But, choosing hair color is not a simple task. You must take various factors into consideration, the first concern being that the color should match your skin tone and also your eyes. There are several ideas that one can opt from, in order to color hair Hair color is available in three basic types, permanent, semi-permanent and temporary. Permanent hair color actually changes the pigment of hair and therefore lasts longer. Semi-permanent color is mostly used for highlighting hair, while temporary hair color lasts only for a day or two. While choosing the right hair color to transform your gray hair into a natural color, it is recommended to go for permanent color as it lasts longer. Some colors are specifically made to color and cover gray hair. Tips to Choose Hair Color One simplest advice to follow is that the hair color should be one shade darker than your skin color. Here are a few hair coloring ideas, based on your skin tone, that will help you.
  • Pale Light Colored Skin: Nearly all colors are suitable for this type of skin tone. Avoid using red hair color if the tone of your skin is pinkish. Also, people with yellow colored skin must not go for orange or golden hair color. Golden, caramel shades will look the best.
  • Medium Colored Skin: Golden brown, chestnut, mahogany, ash brown, or honey colored color will best compliment medium colored skin tones like brown or coppery.
  • Dark-Colored Skin: If you have a dark skin tone, you can opt for black, dark brown, or a burgundy hair color. These hair colors will also suit an olive skin tone.
You can also go for color that matches your hair or eyes. Brown is a hair color which suits nearly all types of skin tones. You just have to choose the shade which will best suit your skin tone or eyes. Red color attracts a lot of attention and also suits almost all people. Miscellaneous Tips
  • One thing you must remember is to never use hair color by just referring to a photo. You should consult your hair stylist to clarify whether the color will really suit your skin tone.
  • Applying extremely light or dark color than your natural shade can result in a very bad look. Hence, it is not advisable for everyone to opt for blond hair color.
  • You must use only the best or standard products. Do not go for cheaper ones as they may be harmful for your hair. This also applies to hair color maintenance products.
  • It is always best to go for your own natural hair color for your skin tone. This way, you will not end up spending a lot for maintaining the color.
  • It is not advisable to switch from two starkly different hair colors as it can greatly damage your hair. You should also not color your hair very frequently.
When coloring at home, you should read the entire instructions before applying the color. It is always advisable to take help of professionals when choosing color and coloring hair. After choosing color, follow hair coloring tips and techniques to ensure that you get the look you wanted. Changing your hair color, if done properly, can be a lot of fun.

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