best time to exercise

Best Time to Exercise

Exercise is a natural catharsis of our mind and body. It is essentially a way of refining oneself in body and mind, increasing intrinsic sharpness and a portent stimulating agent which evolves our imagination and ideas.

Though we can all agree that exercising is rife with benefits which we may not see at the present, which it turn makes it necessarily cogent to make a routine out of it. Now striding to the subject of deciding a suitable time for a workout; Choosing the time is not important, although, the usual norm dictates morning being the best of all times. The important preceding factor is the preparation of the body and creating a conducive situation, reaping a good response from it. What's the Best Time of the Day to Exercise? Our body clocks too are not the same, so does our metabolism which varies by trivial or high magnitudes. Some carry the flexibility of making work time adjustments, meaning in articulated context, some people have the outstanding capability of accurate time management, easing it into the regimen of activities previously architectured. People following such a pattern have no qualms or restriction of doing something at a given point in the day. Possessing the will and the natural ability to work it up in tandem with the chores and a workout is a matter of high discipline, which has to be nurtured with a cultivated effort. So, choosing the times for a workout should be solely on the basis when the body is fully active and is nourished with enough sleep. For some, it is in the mornings, while for some, it is in the night. If someone wants to exercise to burn fat, then mornings are the ideal choice. When a person exercises in the afternoon or evening, he is simply burning the calories derived by his body, from what he has eaten last. But, when he exercises on an empty stomach in the morning, he is burning calories which are stored in the body as fat. Thus, the best time to exercise to lose weight is in the morning. Our work schedule and family commitments have a lot to do with the time we choose to exercise. For most of us, evenings are reserved for families, while in the day we are busy with work. So, if afternoons, when you have your office lunch breaks, are the only time you can spare for exercising, then there is nothing wrong with that either. Research has shown that our body temperature and hormone levels are at their peak around six in the evening, so, if exercise is done three hours prior to that, it is very effective for building muscles and for endurance training. Also, exercising in the afternoon, in between work or after work, can work as a great stress buster, refreshing a person for an evening with the family. Thus, for some people, the best time of the day to exercise can be afternoons. For diabetics, exercising one or two hours after a meal is ideal, as during this time, their blood sugar levels are elevated, and thus, they have enough energy and glucose for their muscles. Another thing to keep in mind for diabetes patients is to see the effects of insulin and medication on their bodies. Usually, when their effects are at their peak, the blood sugar levels may fall. At this time, exercising is not recommended. Thus, the easiest way to determine the best time to exercise is by paying attention and listening to your body. If after exercising at a particular time of the day, you are feeling tired and miserable, instead of feeling fitter and full of energy, then it is time to change your exercising schedule, and arrive at the one which suits your body the best.

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