bathroom window treatments

Bathroom Window Treatments

Whether you want to secure your privacy or you wish to add a bit of decor to your bathroom, window treatments are a must. Know about the various type of window treatments for bathroom in this article.

Windows in a bathroom are multi functional. Apart from letting in sunlight and fresh air, they also exhaust the humidity and odors from the bathroom. However, windows may also prove to be a source of invasion of your privacy if you do not cover them properly. Even if you do not have a neighbor's property overlooking your bathroom window, it still makes sense to get appropriate window treatment for your bathroom. Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas Choosing window treatments for bathroom differs slightly from choosing them for any other room. The main concern in a bathroom is extreme temperature, moisture and very high level of humidity. Needless to say, this type of environment is just apt for mold and mildew growth. Hence, the material that you choose for window treatment must be resistant to steam, moisture and mold. Also, take into account the amount of natural light you want to let in your bathroom. Another consideration is the placement of the window. If it is positioned too close to the wash basin or shower, you might want to go for more durable material. In spite of such restrictions, you have ample choice of materials. Curtains Curtains and drapes are ideal for a bathroom window that is located away from water sources. You may choose various material including synthetic ones. However, it is best to choose those material which allow good aeration. Translucent fabrics such as lace, muslin, voile, net etc. allow good coverage without obstructing sunlight or view. However, these fabrics may not provide any privacy at night when you switch on the lights. Blinds Blinds are often the most common window treatments for bathrooms. They allow you to control the light entering the bathroom, thereby also providing various privacy settings. There are a number of materials to choose from, for your bathroom blinds. Faux wood is a great option for a very elegant look. Besides, it does not warp like real wood and also resists moisture in a better way. The only problem is their weight. Hence, they may only serve as ideal small bathroom window treatments. For larger windows you can look for other options such as Venetian blinds etc. Shades Shades are yet another good option for bathroom windows. Vinyl, aluminum, cloth are some of the popular materials for shades. Vinyl is extremely durable, available in various colors to suit your bathroom decor and best suited to the extreme conditions in a bathroom. It is mold and mildew resistant and can tolerate steam. Besides, it is easier to clean and offers various light and privacy settings. Different shade patterns such as pleats, fringe trim, and banded cornices in cotton fabric look particularly elegant for large bathrooms. Glass Glass can be a beautiful but expensive option of covering your windows. It inhibits the growth of mold and can also withstand very high temperatures in the bathroom. You can opt for stained glass, acrylic glass or opaque glass. Stained glass looks magnificent but is the most expensive form of window treatment. Opaque glass can be a good option of beautifying your bathroom while still protecting your privacy. If you opt for clear glass windows, you may need drapes or curtains to block the view. Choose the window treatment according to the decor of your bathroom. While it is best to keep it simple, you may go for high maintenance, expensive window treatments, if your bathroom is large and beautifully done. Hope this article was resourceful.

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