baby shower games for men

Baby Shower Games for Men

A couple baby shower is unique with all aspects, like the favors, decorations, games, etc. Here is an article that will guide you with some exciting and interesting baby shower games for men.

Who said men are not allowed for a baby shower? Of course they are, and the trend is becoming very popular these days. A couple baby shower is one of a kind and brings in great fun at the party. These being different from traditional baby showers needs some creative ideas that can impress the male guests as well. Games are inevitable part of any party, since they help to sustain the mood. For a couple baby shower, you need some exciting and active games that can entertain the male guests. So, if you are arranging one such event, then here are some ideas and suggestions on some games that guys can play. While arranging a coed baby shower, you need to avoid those typical girly games, as male guests will find them boring and may end up chatting with each other. Moreover, you need to make sure if the to-be-parents are fine with playing games at the baby shower, as some men and women may find it uncomfortable. The games at a couple baby shower should be decent and should not include stories of pregnancy. Given below are some games that you can include in such a party. Beer in the Bottle This is an all time favorite baby shower game for men. The materials you will require for this are baby bottles according to the number of men at the baby shower. Fill these bottles with any beverage, but beer makes a good option for adult parties. Hand over the beer-filled bottles to all the men and then set the timer to zero. Start the count with the help of the timer and the guy who finishes drinking the beer first wins the game. To add more fun to the game, you can also use bottle nipples with small holes that make it difficult to drink. Put on the Diaper One more popular game is putting the diaper on a baby doll. To play this game, you will require naked baby dolls, diaper pins, and cloth diapers. Make pairs of men and women present at the party and place the material required in front of them. The couple has to wrap the baby with the cloth diaper by using only one hand each. They are free to use any one hand, but are strictly not allowed to use the other hand. So, if the man decides to use the left hand, then he cannot use his right hand throughout the game, and the same is applicable for the lady. The game is more like a team work and the team that diapers the baby first wins the game. Hanging Clothes This is one of the most funny games. To play this, you will require enough space to hang a clothesline. You can hang the clothesline either indoors or outdoors, if you have a lawn. The materials you will require are a clothesline, baby clothes, and clothes pins. Each guy has to hang all the baby clothes on the clothesline and the one who hangs the clothes in the least amount of time wins. You can also have a winner as the one who hangs maximum clothes in one minute. While hanging the clothes, the guy has to use only one hand. You can bring more twist to the game by telling the participants to hang the clothes with a baby doll in one hand each. These were some fun baby shower games for men. I hope this article will prove useful to you and you will have a great time at your couple baby shower. All the Best!

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