baby handprint tattoos

Baby Handprint Tattoos

Handprint tattoos are probably the most heartfelt kind of art pieces that one could get of their children. Placing these strategically in a way that doesn't ruin the artwork is what we will discuss in this write up...

Tattoos for as long as they've been around, have always conveyed a very deep-set symbolic meaning within an artwork's details. Now as the years have progressed, so has tattooing. The technique has grown and spread worldwide with many people sporting artwork of their choice for decorative purposes, or because it carries a meaning within its intricacies, or even in its simple interpretations. A lot of people have tattoo work associated with loved ones, whether they are still here or not. It is a way of having a part of them still with you, or a way of showing them how much they mean to you, by having a tattoo in their name permanently inked onto your skin. It is a huge decision to get any tattoo work done, because the last thing you want to be left with is a decision gone bad. In this particular section on baby handprint tattoos, you can never go wrong here. Getting a baby's initials is one thing, or maybe a portrait of their little cherubic faces, but their handprints or even footprints for that matter, take the tattoo artwork to a different level; a personal one. Where to Place Baby Handprint Tattoos To make sure the handprints come off as clean finished works of art, it is important to know where to place these on your body. We will look into the best possible areas in the following baby handprint tattoo ideas. Top Left/Right Side of Shoulder Blades This area works best for men/women who want to get their baby's handprints tattooed on them. It is a flattened area where the skin is taut too, making it a prime area for a tattoo. You can have maybe the left palm of your baby on your left shoulder top, and the right palm on your right shoulder top. You can also go with the hands placed together side by side towards one corner of your shoulder, if you have plans to fill in the other shoulder space with a different tattoo in the future. Chest Area You can place those little hands in such a way where they fall in place with where your heart lies, that being the left side of course. They aren't obscene in any way, where it can also be concealed as and when you'd like, especially if you work in an office that doesn't approve of visible tattoo work. Depending on the tone of your skin you can go with either black ink or colored, to make the tattoo stand out in its own way. Side of Your Abdomen Choose the flat portion of the side of your tummy, where your ribs come in since you want to make the most of a skin area that is even and easy to work on. Have the tattooist place the stencil on your skin and have a good look at what it will end up like once the final work has been made. You can also get creative by placing the palms of the baby's one atop the other (vertically) instead of side by side. Forearm Being small in size, your babies palms would fit perfectly on your forearm where you can get a little artsy by including maybe a quote running below the palms, or include initials within the spaces of the palm stencil, where skin is bear. Try different ways to make the tattoo full and dominating, since your forearm will be exposed quite often being an open-faced area. Nape of the Neck Another very desired spot by tattoo lovers, is the nape of the neck which is a prominent yet discreet area to get a tattoo done. It can be concealed or exposed whenever you'd like, if you're worried about how to cover it up. You can lower it to fall in between your shoulder blades or just place it a little higher up around the nape area. It is an ideal spot to get a tattoo done, since you can add extra artwork to spruce it up a bit, being a very versatile area for detailing. To make it similarly interesting, you can also try out baby footprint tattoos and place these appropriately wherever you think they'd look best. The handprints of your baby can convey a very symbolic message that one can instantly conceive. Just make sure you go to a reputed tattooist who knows how to do a job well done.

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