palm reading guide

Palm Reading Guide

Palm reading can be very exciting and is an intriguing thing to check out. Although everyone might not have an unfettered faith in the 'lineal' affairs and what they reflect about our life, it is nevertheless worth exploring.

Ever pondered over what these umpteen lines on our hands depict and why they are there? The answers to this are found in palmistry, also called chiromancy. It is the art of predicting the future or the course of an individual's life, by analyzing the lines on one's palms. This practice has been going on since ancient time and every civilization and culture has embraced this art. Thus people across continents have been practicing this sometimes intriguing, sometimes almost unbelievable art. In case you are a palm reading enthusiast, you would like the information given below. Major Lines There are basically four major lines. These are the life line, head line, heart line and fate line. The curve, the crookedness and the nature of the line are believed to determine how our life is going to turn out. In addition to this, the type of hand also contributes to it. Life Line This is by far the most important line of the palm. This line depicts how long we are going to live and how our life is going to be. It also tells us about a person's vitality. Life line is like the base camp with the help of which you can identify all other lines. Normally, life line swooping down till about an inch or so above the base of our palm portrays around a life expectancy of 70 years for women and around 65 for men. This line begins at the edge of the palm, between the index finger and thumb. Extending across the middle of the palm, it wraps around the thumb's base. If the life line is deep and long, it represents a healthy life. A double or triple lifeline shows that there are many positive forces around you. On the contrary, a chained line can be an indicator of several health problems. A donut or a circle between the line, points to hospitalization on account of an accident. Head Line The small gray cells come into the picture with the head line. It depicts your intelligence. It starts just above the life line, between the thumb and the index finger, stretching horizontally across the palm. Along with intelligence, this line shows your beliefs, philosophy, attitude and approach towards life. If the head line and life line are joined at the beginning, it depicts that your mental faculties normally have an upper edge over your physical ones. While if the head line is wavy, then you might have a tendency of a short attention span, coupled with an absence of deep thinking. But this would not affect your intellect. If you have a star on your head line, it is a representation of a significant intellectual or mental achievement. Heart Line This line is located above the head line and extends horizontally across the palm. It either begins below the index or the middle finger, going up till the edge of the palm, on the side of the little finger. Normally, a content love life and stable emotional affairs are reflected by a line starting below the index finger. A short line gives the impression that the person is not interested in love and other emotions. However, even though the line is short, but is deep, the affectionate part of the individual is very stable. On the contrary, if the line is curved, the person is believed to be pleasant, romantic and full of warmth. Fate Line It is also known as the line of luck or the line of destiny. It starts in the middle of the palm, close to the wrist, traveling towards the base of the middle finger. It portrays the impact of the external factors, like society and events happening around you on your life. The stronger the line, the more there is a chance that you are a destiny's child. The number of breaks on this line indicate that there are many changes in your life as a result of uncontrollable circumstances. A joined life line and fate line will show that an individual is self made. If the line starts at the base of the thumb, rest assured that you have a good support system of your family and friends. Health Line This line is also known as the line of mercury and line of liver. It indicates the physical well being of the person. It also specifically indicates the abdominal condition and the problems that may arise due to abdominal malfunctioning. If the line is straight it indicates that the person is of sound health. However, if the line is chained, it indicates that the person has constant stomach or liver problems. Similarly, if the person has bars on the health line, it indicates that the person will have problems of constant headache. However, absence of this line doesn't indicate bad health. Marriage Line This line is called the children line. Presence of more than one line indicates that the person will marry more than once. If the line is broken in between, it indicates that the person will have a separation followed by a reunion. If the line is straight and long, it marks that the journey will be long and happy. In case the line is bent downwards, then the person will outlive their partner. In case the lines that meet the marriage line do not cross it, is an indication of children in the marriage. Line of Success It is also called as the line of sun or line of brilliance. It indicates the success rate and fame the person will achieve. A clear line indicates that the person will have recognition and satisfaction for his work. In case the line is broken, there may be some problem in the social status of the person. People who have the line ending at the ring finger have possibility of attaining fame in the field of arts. Travel Line It indicates the types of travelss in the life of a person. If the other lines cross the travel line then the person is likely to have problems while traveling. If the lines are short, then it indicates foreign travel. In case, the line intersects the fate line, it indicates that the person will have travels that will impart life-changing experiences. Minor Lines There are some minor lines apart from these. These are lines of opposition, intuition, influence and escape. The line of opposition is on the outer side of the palm, between the head and the heart lines. It is an indicator of the opposing forces in our life that we need to tackle. The line of intuition is again found on the outer side of the palm, illustrating a strong insight and having this line tells us that an individual is extremely sensitive and intuitive. The line of escape is generally at the base of the thumb, expanding horizontally. It shows the tendency of an individual to run away from his or her problems under the garb of imagination. Finally, the line of influence also originates at the base of the thumb, stretching ahead towards the center of the palm. If they connect with other lines, it is a sign of important events in the individual's life. Ring of Solomon This indicates the person is more inclined towards the occult sciences. This line is absent in many individuals. It indicates the psychic skills of the person. If the line is straight, it indicates that the person has strong sense of judgment and the person will have good first impression of other persons he meets. However, the curved line indicates that the person has strong gut feeling and he will always be benefited if he trusts his gut feeling. Girdle of Venus This indicates the nervous temperament of the person. It also adds power to the heart line. It indicates the person's nature to create emotional boundaries. This is generally seen only on fire and water hands. A strong girdle indicates the person has strong sensuality and is full of emotions. Generally people with this are good poets, writers and artists. In case the girdle crosses the line of fate, there can be loss in terms of money or fortune and the cause of it will be a loved one. Apart from the lines, the fingers also indicate a lot about an individual's personality.
  • Forefinger (Finger of Jupiter): It depicts power, confidence, ego and ambition of the person. If the index finger is even with the middle finger, it shows that the person has high ambitions and power. However, if it is shorter, it indicates that the person is timid. The longer the finger, more will be the ego and lust for power in the individual.
  • Middle Finger (Finger of Saturn): It indicates qualities like discipline, balance and responsibility. If it is too long, it indicates that the person is too serious in nature. Short middle finger indicates that the person is careless.
  • Ring Finger (Finger of Apollo): It highlights the emotional and creative qualities of the person. Long ring finger indicates that the person is very creative. If the tip of the ring finger is up to the nail of the middle finger, then it indicates that the person is very expressive and spontaneous; else the person has difficulty in expressing himself.
  • Little Finger (Finger of Mercury): A person's communication skills can be judged by this finger. If the little finger is longer than the first phalange of the ring finger, it indicates that the person has strong business skills, is a good writer and has a strong sex drive. In case it is shorter, the person has trouble with grasping or expressing himself.
  • Thumb: Willpower and the ability of a person to carry out tasks is determined by the first phalange. In case it is longer than the second phalange, it indicates that the person is too stubborn. The second phalange gives information about the nature or temperament and the logical thinking abilities of the person. A shorter second phalange indicates the lack of motivation to complete tasks.
Also, the finger length, its shape and stiffness is taken into consideration in palmistry. On the Basis of Stiffness
  • If the fingers are stiff, it indicates the person is stubborn and doesn't change his or her mind easily.
  • On the contrary, if the fingers are flexible, it indicates that the person is very energetic and full of new ideas.
On the Basis of Shape
  • Square Fingers: They are the cautious thinkers.
  • Pointed Fingers: They indicate that the individuals have sensitive nature. Writers, poets and artists have fingers of this kind.
  • Conical Fingers: People with such type of fingers are good negotiators.
Though the intricacies are still remaining, they can be understood and tackled by an in-depth study of the subject. This write-up is just a 'guide' and it is not 100% concrete and/or proven. However, it can be helpful to gage roughly as to how a person's life is going to be, otherwise it would not have been practiced since time immemorial. But eventually, everyone has the power to carve his own destiny.

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