halloween party games for adults

Halloween Party Games for Adults

The following article will give you some of the best Halloween party games for adults that you can use for making the Halloween party a great success.

Halloween parties are always, always fun. The kid in you is never going to grow up when it comes to Halloween anyway, so why try? Taking the kids around for trick-or-treating, dressing up in weird costumes, decorating the yard and home with specially designed decorations, carving pumpkins, taking part in contests, and of course playing Halloween party games―all that and more in a Halloween-filled weekend. In this article, we will be focusing on some of the best Halloween games for adults. Chalk Outline This one's really fun. Ask a few guests to volunteer for you and before the party is in full swing, ask them to lie on the floor and have their body outline drawn with the help of a chalk. Sneak them back into the party and have a guessing game for the other guests. Tug of War This one's an all time favorite and especially a bigger hit at a Halloween party. Make this one of the most fun Halloween party games for parents by getting them to take up separate teams, either that, or a women's and men's team pitted against each other. Then have them battle it out on the Halloween floor. Hide and Seek ... with a twist. So here's what you do―you start off with the normal hide and seek and then bring in the twist on the way... without telling anyone else. So you ask them to hide and give them about 3-5 minutes, and while they are doing that, you get into a really, really scary costume with an especially scary mask. Then go about finding them and every time you do find someone, you flash a spotlight onto your face with a torch and scare the daylights out of them. See who can hide the longest. Forbidden Word While the guests enter your party, hand them a bag full of candy and with that give them a list of forbidden words that they cannot use. Then after a random passage of time simply start playing the game. Every time someone uses a forbidden word 3 candy pieces go into the person's bag who catches them. Over time, the guests will drop everything they are doing and sit in a circle to play the game all by itself. Match the Phrase Draw up a sheet of famous dialogs and quotes that are taken from the most famous horror films and then hold a small contest to see who can match the dialog to the film that it is from. Chinese Whispers Sit in a huge circle and let a person take a tag onto himself. He/she has to relate a short, funny or scary message to the next person. A tongue twister is seen to work wonders in this game. The sentence gets passed on from one consecutive person to the next until it reaches the last person who then has to say it out loud. Trace it back to where the message got twisted. This might seem like a childish game to play but I assure you that once you start playing it, you'll re-live your childhood again. These were some of the most fun Halloween party games for adults that you just have to include in your next party. Use them and see the fun that enrolls. Have fun and make this Halloween a great one.

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