halloween games for kids

Halloween Games for Kids

The following article will give you some really interesting Halloween games for kids that you can use to make the party a grand success.

Kids, they'll have fun with all their Halloween activities―they'll go trick-or-treating and they'll wear weird and scary Halloween costumes, they'll be jumping up and down with all the Halloween decorations going on in the house, and they won't be able to count the time till Halloween finally arrives. Many families will get into a full Halloween party mode when it comes to throwing parties for Halloween. And one of the most special ways of making that party work is if you get in some games for the kids. There's no better and more entertaining way than to get the kids to have a blast and enjoy themselves with some of the best Halloween games for kids lined up. Listed below are some of the most fun and interesting games to choose from. Find the Coin This one is a little messy, but then the kids love that. So what you do is arrange for about 4-5 huge bowls and put colored water (could be the color red for blood) or watered jello into the bowls. Now, divide the kids into 4-5 teams (in accordance to the bowl) and get them to search for a common object that has been placed in each bowl, like a coin. Also add to that water, a lot of objects so that finding that coin won't be as easy. And you'd think that this one is only fun for the kids, but there you would be wrong, cause guess what? It makes for a really great Halloween party game for teenagers as well. Memory Game This game is played like one would generally play a memory game, but it has a twist. You are only allowed to use objects that are gory and Halloween related―something like plastic fingers, spiders, skeleton key chains, and the like. Now cover these objects with a sheet and then allow the kids to see the objects for 10 seconds. Have them write the objects on a piece of paper after that. The kid with the highest correct objects, wins. Scavenger Hunt Use different Halloween related objects like plastic skeletons, spiders, and witches which are either made from plastic or from cardboard for this one. Then dismantle them and hide the different parts all over the house and yard. In the beginning of the party, announce the teams and assign the Halloween monster to them. Ask them to be on the lookout for the parts and at the end of the party, the team that has gathered the most parts wins. Laughing Catch This is one of the most fun games for the kids to play. Get a person to take on the 'It' task. As the kids lie motionless or even sit, the 'it' must try to do all that he can to get them to move or smile. Once he catches one, the kid joins 'it' and then they work to get the others to smile. The last kid that remains motionless, wins. Word Game Give the kids a word that is related to Halloween in some way or the other like Frankenstein or Halloween or 'Trick-or-treat', then give each of them a pen and paper and ask them to make as many words as they can with the given word in a set period of time. The person who comes up with the maximum number of long words, wins. And...that is how some of the best Halloween games for kids are planned and played. Of course there are the online games as well, but these are soooo much more fun! So if you want that party to be a hit, you start planning right away. And do not forget to include these games in it.

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