hair wax reviews

Hair Wax Reviews

If you want to try out hair wax styling products, then go through these hair wax reviews and some dos and don'ts before using the products.

First of all, let us discuss what a hair wax is. This is a styling product which is used for styling hair into different styles. It is a milky, gum-like substance which smooths into a paste. This styling product comes with different holding strengths that range from 2 to 10. It works best on messy hair and is used for achieving flicks or defining a layered hairstyle. It is great for smoothing and twisting short locks into place and separating hair strands. Hair wax is a very thick substance and contains some wax in it. It is called by many styling product names, which depends upon the distributor. Some names for these products are glue, paste, whip, putty, or pomade. All these hair styling products have some amount of wax in them, and even though they are not called hair wax products, they can be still referred to as wax-base hair care products. Here is some more information on hair wax styling products. Given below is the difference between hair wax and gel-based products, tips on using hair wax and removing it, and the best hair wax products available. Hair Wax Vs. Gel Wondering about the differences between hair wax, pomade, or gel? There are two types of hair styling products which are mostly used, namely, the water-based products and wax-based products. Hair styling products like gel and hair mousse are water based, as they dry out and make the hair stiff. However, wax-based products don't dry the hair, instead they make the hair shiny just like gel or mousse. Also, since the hair doesn't get stiff, you can go on styling them throughout the day. How to Use Hair Wax Hair wax works on both wet and dry hair, and it is advisable to use it on clean hair. However, it works better on dry hair. It is important that you don't use too much of hair wax, or it will give the look of unwashed hair. To use hair wax, rub the wax between your palms to warm it up, as this will make working with the wax easier. Avoid using wax on long hairstyles, as it can give a greasy feeling, so go easy. So, hair wax works the best for men's hairstyles, as their hairstyles are mostly short. Then, style your hair into the desired look. The result will be different depending upon the strength of the product. It works best for short medium hair, as it helps create an unkempt messy hairstyle look. How to Remove Hair Wax To get rid of the wax from hair, first wash your hair with warm water by using your fingertips to mildly scrub the scalp. Run your fingers in different sections of the hair and squeeze out the hair wax. Then, use a hair clarifying shampoo, and massage it well on the scalp and the hair. Keep it for 2 minutes, and then wash your hair again with warm water thoroughly. If you feel there is still some wax left, then wash your hair again. Product Reviews Some of the best hair wax products are FX Molding Wax, Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge, Paul Mitchell Spray Wax, and Schwarzkopf Osis Air Pomade Wax Spray. FX Molding Wax priced around $7 is good for lifting hair or giving a textured look and has a good hold. Paul Mitchell Spray Wax comes in a convenient-to-use spray and is priced around $16 for a 7.4 oz. bottle. Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge comes in a jar and has a hold of 9 oz. It smells great, is easy to use, and difficult to wash. This product comes at a price of $10. Schwarzkopf Osis Air Pomade Wax Spray for $16 is a great pomade which gives a light texture and natural shine without giving a heavy effect. If you wish to try out this product, then make sure you use it in moderation for styling to maintain good hair care. Because, if you use a lot of hair wax for styling, then getting it out of the hair, by washing, can be difficult. Hence, stick to moderate amounts of it.

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