funny halloween costume ideas

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

The following article will give you some funny Halloween costume ideas and help you make an impression on the guests.

Everyone does the same old same old routine when it comes to Halloween costumes. How do you make sure that you make an impression? Using different themes would definitely mix things up a whole lot and set you apart from the crowd. That's what different themes are supposed to do. Speaking of different themes, one of the most uncommon and rarely used themes is that of funny Halloween costumes. If you have no idea about them, this following article will help. It'll give you some funny Halloween costumes ideas and help you design your own unique style of costumes for that Halloween party. There are several easy Halloween costume ideas that you can choose from among the funny theme. In fact, all you have to do is think back to a fun character from a movie, cartoon series, or a serial and imitate that. Simple. Here are some funny costume ideas for all age groups. Austin Powers Walk in with an electrifying blue jumper suit and a white ruffled bow tie, pants that taper down to become ankle hugging at the bottom and pointed leather boots, and then team it up with thick and dark 70s glass frames, buck teeth and a golden wig that slithers at every action of the neck. Now you tell me that this is not one of the most hilarious things to walk in with at that Halloween party. Of course it is. And guess what, this works wonders as one of the funniest group Halloween costume ideas―imagine that―a whole sleuth of Austin powers than just one. Alternately, the other characters from the films are also a treat to follow, may it be fat bastard or doctor evil. If you're going in a group, then dressing as the cast of the film will help. Cruella De Ville Ah the fun in imitating this one. This one's a treat for all the ladies, what with the loud and bold Dalmatian printed coat, the black dress with the red leather gloves, a long cigar stick and the neatly partitioned black and white hair. Black on one side, white on the other. Team this up with very loud makeup―dark lipstick, kohled eyes, and lots of rouge. This one could turn into a sexy number so make sure that you do the funny trick with your make up and the hair. The hair has to be full blown and wild. Granny and the Nutty Professor Want a Halloween costume for couples? Do I need to go into the details about this one, really? The nutty professor makes you laugh, but also is seriously gross in some ways (most, actually). The fat suit should do the trick, just sleek your hair back, don those thick glasses, and you're done. As for the granny, you just have to use a lot of exaggerations all over. White bob hair, thick glasses, mouth with no teeth, and a grotesque gown that is way too loose. Sponge Bob A really funny and bright costume this. It is one of the most favorite costumes when it comes to funny Halloween costumes for kids. The kids absolutely love this one because they get to be a cartoon character. There are some other creative Halloween costumes that you can try as well. Some of them are Mac and Cheese, Johnny Bravo, Pinocchio, and more. These were some of the funny Halloween costume ideas that you can definitely adopt as a part of Halloween celebrations this year. Use them and drive the crowd nuts with these hit numbers.

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