fashion trends women should look forward to in2014

Fashion Trends Women Should Look Forward to in 2014

Another year and it's time to rehaul that wardrobe of yours. So, what goes out and what goes in this year? Which clothes can you still wear outside your house and which styles do you need to add to your have-to-ace-this list? Get the scoop on fashion trends that you need to know about in 2014.

#CatwalkConnection Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Ostwald Helgason, Creatures of the Wind et al. #RamptoRoad Instead of wearing your scarf with a top and skirt/pant, wear it with an edgy, printed dress in a modern silhouette. Also opt to wear a printed scarf instead of a plain one for that added fashionista dash.
Trends come and go, we all know that. Still, we cannot help ourselves when we see that there's so much that fashion keeps demanding from us every year in every season. We become the eternal style slaves and fortunately, are better for it. So, no one's really complaining, right?

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