birthday gift ideas for coffee lovers

Birthday Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Not just the world's finest blend, not just a mug; there's a whole world of gifts out there that are specific to and perfect for coffee lovers. This Buzzle article gives you ideas to find/create/give such gifts.

Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.
David Lynch
Drinking coffee is not a habit; it is much more than that. When someone says they 'love' coffee, they don't just mean 'I love coffee so much that I have six cups a day'. What they mean is, they enjoy every bit that goes into that cup of joe―from finding the perfect coffee powder, to brewing it correctly, to thoroughly enjoying the heavenly aroma that emanates during the process, to pouring it into their favorite mug, to taking that first sip, and to relishing every sip thereafter. Drinking coffee is an experience, and anything that can enhance this experience, anything that can declare someone's love for this warming, soothing beverage, is worthy of being given as a gift to a coffee lover. Now you may think, what better gift to give a coffee lover than coffee? While that's not a bad idea at all, there is so much more you can do for your friend who is absolutely enchanted with this drink. What, you ask? Let's find out.
Gifts Coffee Lovers Will Love
Personalized coffee mugs are one of the best gifts for someone who loves coffee. Travel mugs are also great for coffee lovers who are always on the go.
Encapsulate their love for this drink by giving them a framed quote about coffee. How can anyone not love this?
Give them an excuse to grab another cuppa! Get them a clock with a saying that justifies it!
Because just coffee is never enough; get them a bottle of their favorite coffee liqueur (Kahlua, Baileys, etc.) with shot glasses to down it.
A real coffee enthusiast roasts and grinds his own coffee beans. So what do you get for someone like that? A coffee grinder, of course!
Finding these gifts too obvious? A painting made with coffee, of a cup of coffee (what else?), is the perfect gift for you.
Take coffee out of the cup and use it to flavor other ingredients to make a lovely coffee-themed dinner for your loved one; e.g. coffee-infused barbecue ribs, candied sweet potatoes, and tiramisu (as shown in the image above).
Does the aroma of coffee do more for your loved one than the drink itself? Make a basket of coffee-flavored soaps, incense, lip balm, lotions, potpourri, and any other product you can find.
Keep it simple by making a gift basket with the finest coffee blend you can find, an antique coffee cup, a cushion to sit back and enjoy a warm cup of coffee with, and a jar of cookies that will complement the flavor of the coffee.
For someone who breathes coffee, lives coffee, dreams coffee, one or more of these could be the perfect gift. If you're still not sure of just one product, make a combination of some of the ideas above and present them to the lover of this extraordinary drink, and watch how they appreciate every bit of the surprise.

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