bird rescue inoffice

Bird Rescue in Office

By saving a single life, one gets the credit for giving life to all the future generations. And this applies not just to humans...

God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages. - Jacques Deval It's so true that man has never understood the worth of life, other than his own and this quote would have got a witness again this morning, had it not been for a wonderful human being, who thought that a bird's life is worth fighting. Ordinarily, in the country I live people don't bother to look back, what they hit someone/something with the bumper of their luxurious cars, unless and until they are stopped by a mob or a police car. When a human life's not worth saving in this country I can't imagine a person trying to help an animal; a bird. But it happened this morning and personally, I got a reason to believe that there is still some humanity left on this planet. It is humbling to know that God's supposedly best creation has still not lost all of its mind. Though a small incidence, but what happened this morning in office, made me realize that animal life is still precious and there are people out there working to save it. So, coming to what happened today, this morning one of my friends watched a bird fall down from a fourth floor window of a building, God bless her for being there at the right time. The first thing that came to her mind was to run to that bird. I know many people who would have just stood there and watched, what happened next. But what this girl did was, she ran down 6 flights of stairs, just on time to pull the bird out of the dog's mouth. Had she been a little late, the dog would have had a nice breakfast, without thinking twice about the beautiful life that was lost. As she fought with 2 dogs and few crows to save the bird, the watchman of the building stood there as a spectator. I think, he thought he has got a story to share with his kids, when he gets back home. I can imagine how he would have started with saying, 'You know kids, today a bird fell down from a building's window, it was really injured and was unable to fly again. The moment the bird hit the ground, it was attacked by two dogs and some crows. And to my surprise within a few seconds there was a stupid girl on the scene, who was fighting with the predators to save that life. She gave them a good fight, but at last one of the dogs gulped down the bird and I had a really good laugh with my friends, my job and the perks, they are just too good. I get to see all this everyday...wasn't that funny kids?!'. I guess that was enough about the watchman's imagination. Getting back to what happened, the girl I am talking about here is Sayali Patil. She successfully saved the bird, which was a baby cuckoo, as against a few people's imagination and brought it upstairs to her friends. The bird was really scared and girl was equally clueless and scared for the bird. Her friends Batul Nafisa Baxamusa, Bhavya Verma and Girija Shinde immediately got together on a mission to save the bird. They called a few people around the city and realized that none of them were willing to take in an injured bird. As the word spread in the organization, a lot many people popped in with suggestions. Finally, an organization called 'People for Animals' came to the rescue of the bird. Once they were contacted, they arrived within a few minutes and took the bird with them. Once it was in their hands, everyone breathed light and rejoiced. The farewell was a mix of emotions, which included relief, joy as well as sadness, because I know that a few people wanted to take the bird home but were scared for its life. What these people achieved at the end can be summed up as, a sense of satisfaction they got from saving a life and a lot of joy, that will keep them smiling for days to come. All in all, this incidence gave a good start to what would have been a very busy and hectic day and now I can comfortably wish everyone, a 'Good Morning'. P.S. - I can't end this without thanking, Prashant Kadam, Suhrud Potdar and Maisie M. Their support was crucial for the bird's life.

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