best ways to clean your babys toys

Best Ways to Clean Your Baby's Toys

The little bundle of joy has begun crawling and exploring toys by tasting them in his mouth. Of course as a parent you are worried about every little issue and cleaning takes precedence over all other matters. As you are in great dilemma as to how to clean the toys without using harmful chemicals, this article seeks to solve your problems.

As your baby starts to play with toys, you are beaming with joy when those little hands hold his/her first toy. But suddenly your smile is replaced with anxiety when your angel puts his favorite toy in his mouth. You fear whether the toy is clean and safe enough for your baby to put in his mouth. Of course as a parent I was always worried about cleaning the toys without use of any harmful chemicals. That is why I preferred herbal cleaning products which were not as harmful as the chemicals used in many cleaning agents. Also I was worried about the disinfecting part after cleaning the toys. Even for some electronic toys and woolen soft toys one cannot clean it in water. That's the reason I prefer non toxic and environment friendly products. Another reason is babies will explore their surrounding by touching, feeling and practically munching toys which we do not want them to do. My little toddler still tries to munch things which he finds attractive and drop his toys at places which I do not want him to. The trick is to keep minimal carpets in your house so as to avoid attracting dust mites. Here are certain tips which I followed which helped me solve my tension. Cleaning of Toys Electronic Toys Electronic toys need to wiped with mild baby wipe so after wiping either let it dry or use dry towel. Also read the manufacturer's label on how to clean. Do remove batteries and do not submerge the toy in water or use cloth soaked with water as moisture can erode the battery area. After using a baby wipe, clean the toy with dry paper towel. Using disinfectant and then sanitizing it is a better idea. It's wise not to use bleach as it may damage the surface. Stuffed Toys These toys need special care like a detergent which is of mild nature. You can either wash it in the washing machine or clean it with your hands. If the plush toy has plastic joints then it's better not to wash it in a washing machine. Soft toys which come with sounds should be cleaned with a dry cloth or vacuumed as water can damage the product. Toys which have wool can also be washed in the machine but always read the instructions before washing. Because some toys need to be dry cleaned and washing these might damage the fabric of the toy. Always wash the stuffed toys at delicate cycle and dry them at low temperature in the dryer. After low drying, the plush toy might be wet so it's better to dry it out in the sun. Do not spray any baking soda or bleach on the stuffed toy as the chemicals can be difficult to remove and may harm the baby too if he/she puts the toy in his/her mouth. Bath Toys Bath toys are easily vulnerable to mold, water contamination and mildew. The best solution is to dry the bath toys in the sun after your baby uses it. It's best not to use any bleach as it contains harsh chemicals which might affect your baby's delicate skin. Once a week you can wash the toys in vinegar and water solution mixed equally which is safe for the baby. You can soak the toys in the solution for a whole night and rinse it in the morning. Also, if there are certain mold stains which are hard to remove then it's better to dispose those toys. Plastic Toys Though plastic toys are unsafe because they contain BPA (Bisphenol), they are sold and used extensively. The best option to clean these toys is washing it in a dishwasher. But if you are not comfortable with this idea then cleaning it with baby soap or mild soap water may be an ideal option. You can scrub the plastic toys or put them in boiling water to kill all the germs. Do check the manufacturer's label about instructions regarding cleaning the toys. Do not boil the toys for a long time as it may get damaged. You can also clean the toys with baby wipes and disinfect it with a mild disinfectant solution. Investing in popular kids toys brands is a better idea as we don't have to deal with tension relating to color, safety or toxicity. Even though the quality toys might be expensive, it's better to buy during a sale as the prices are low. Toys are always going to be a child's best friend and cleaning and sanitizing them are the only option which ensures that your dear one doesn't fall sick.

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