best track and field shoes

Best Track and Field Shoes

Track and field is a popular form of sport, all over the world. When you are a track and field player, choosing the best shoes is the most important and basic thing of them all.

Track and field also known as 'athletics', is actually a collective name used for all the sporting events that take place in the field of running (track running, relay race, cross county running etc.), jumping (high jumps, long jumps, hurdling etc.) and throwing (discus throw, javelin throw, hammer throw etc.). It is not an exaggeration to say that track and field has the biggest team in all the competitions, as far as the number of participants is concerned. The main reason behind its popularity is the immense amount of skill and power, that track and field demands. Track and Field Shoes First step to be a track and field sportsman is to choose the best shoes available. It is important for you to stop and spend some time to think over what kind of shoes you require. Choose the shoes like professional players do, for them what matters more is their requirement. I am talking about the fashion, in the area of track and field. Fashion comes at the base, and safety and comfort tops the requirement list. There are many sporting activities in the area of track and field and so are the different requirements and functions of the shoes. Track and field events like running, jumping, throwing, tennis and basketball require moderately spiked shoes. In running shoes, there are a huge variety of prerequisites, as the running events are organized on a variety of fields like tracks, trails, roads etc. Track and Field Shoe Review With the blessings of the advanced technology, there are various kinds of shoes available, to serve various track and field requirements. Unlike the cross training shoes of old times, there is a huge array of track and field shoes available. This wide range helps you to perform better in any event that you decide to participate in. Following reviews will help you in understanding the specific details for that particular track and field event. Jumping Events Jumping events like pole vault, high jumps and others require less aggressive orientation towards their toes. This allows the players to perform last minute corrections and hard landings. Javelin shoes resemble a lot to these type of track and field shoes, the basic similarity being the sporting format of the two. Javelin shoes have higher cuffs and the soles come with more spiked heels, for the game requires a pause, before actually throwing the javelin. Sprint and Hurdle Events Runners, sprinters and hurdlers, require a lot of power to be generated through their legs. The sprinting shoes help the players to actually do that in the forward motion. The front soles of the running or sprinting shoes are more stiffer than usual. As a result, a long distance run, that is 330 meters or 400 meters hurdles, can be made easy. The sprint shoes also have large number of spikes. So, before buying them check the allowed number of spikes in that particular event. Running for Middle and Long Distance Middle distance running shoes are actually like sprinting shoes but with more cushion and a flexible sole that provide natural running motion. They are ideal for distances between 400 meter and a mile. Long distance spikes come in a wide range, like the spike-less marathon shoes, fast drying steeplechase shoes and identical running shoes with middle distance spikes. Never buy shoes with a rough seam for long distance because they can cause blister. Tips for Selecting the Best Shoes
  • Always have a test run with your normal sport shoes, sometimes they can prove useful and fill up your track and field requirements.
  • Look for the track shoes with an extra security layer on the outer sole, it makes track running easy.
  • Always remember that the fitting and sizes of the track and field shoes differ, by the various brands. Different brands can give you different shoe fittings.
  • Before opting for a change in brand, make sure of the fitting and comfort, rather than style and fashion. Because safety comes first when you are into a track and field event.
If you are sure of what your requirements for shoes are, then you can also use online track and field shoe reviews. Many brands do provide a huge array of track and field shoes. Choosing the best track and field shoe is equally important as it is to take part in the track and field events.

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