best single malt scotch

Best Single Malt Scotch

Scotch is loved by many people because of its rich taste and flavor. This article has information about some of the best single malt scotch brands that are distilled in Scotland.

When it comes to picking the best type of alcohol, there is no definitive answer, since different people have different preferences. The first thing is to know the difference between single malt scotch and blended scotch (simply referred to as scotch), since there is a lot of confusion about this differentiation. Blended scotch is distilled with the help of as many as 50 different single malts and grains, but single malt is just the result of the distillation of one type of grain and undergoes only one distillation process. This is another reason why it is so difficult to pick the best, because every single geographic region in Scotland has their own unique single malt scotch. The differences can be felt in the color, the smell, the taste, the aftertaste, and the finish of the alcohol. The 5 primary regions of Scottish distillation for the production of Scotch are Lowland, Islay, Highland, Campbeltown, and Speyside, and each of these regions have their own sub-regions giving each of them a unique taste and smell. You must also remember that all of them are distilled in oak casks for at least 3 years in one single distillery and using one single malted grain type. What is the Best Single Malt Scotch? For tasting and appreciating the value of a single malt, it is recommended that you add just a little bit water before you drink it. This is because the alcohol content is very high, and this can numb your taste buds. Some people also suggest that taking a small sip of strong coffee or small bites of dark chocolate between sips will help you appreciate the taste more. As mentioned above, the vast differences in distilling conditions make it very difficult to say which is the best. But there are some regions that produce better scotch after all, and here are some of the best ones that you can try out.
  • Campbeltown Springbank 15
  • Highland Ben Nevis 26
  • Highland Glenmorangie 10
  • Highland Oban 14
  • Highland Park 18
  • Islay Bowmore 15 Darkest
  • Islay Lagavulin 16
  • Islay Laphroaig 15
  • Lowland Auchentoshan Three Wood
  • Speyside Balvenie 12 Doublewood
  • Speyside Glenfiddich 15
These are the best brands that you will find, and there is very little chance that you will dislike any of these. However, there will be some brands that you will like and prefer over the others. Here are some more great brands that you should be on the lookout for.
Region Single Malt Scotch Brand
  • Aberfeldy 21
  • Brora
  • Dalwhinnie
  • Glengoyne
  • Glenturret
  • Old Pulteney 17
  • Royal Lochnagar 12
  • The Dalmore
  • Ardbeg
  • Bowmore 12
  • Bruichladdich 15
  • Bunnahabhain 25
  • Caol Ila
Isle of Mull
  • Ledaig 20
Isle of Skye
  • Talisker
  • Glenkinchie 1987
  • Inverleven Duncan Taylor
Orkney Islands
  • Highland Park
  • Scapa 14
  • Aberlour 15
  • BenRiach 16
  • Cragganmore 29
  • Dailuaine
  • Dallas Dhu
  • Duncan Taylor 1969
  • Glenfarclas 25
  • Longmorn 15
  • Mannochmore 1991
  • The Glenlivet 18
  • Tomintoul
As you can see, Speyside and Highland are far more in number and also more popular than the others. There are many sub-divisions in these 2 regions as well, so there are many more brands that you will find. The bottling of each of these brands is marvelous as well, and it will leave you very satisfied with your scotch drinking experience. Needless to say, these scotch whiskey brands are not cheap, and you will have to shell out a fair amount of money to buy them. Finding single malt scotch under 50-100 dollars is quite difficult, because you will be compromising on the quality. Be prepared to spend some big bucks to taste the best.

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