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The Reading Habit

Despite being educated and brought up in a rational society, there are times when we fail to understand the difference between intelligence and wisdom. Perhaps it's only when you observe and understand the world around you, you realize that difference can be altered for increasing your pace of the learning curve. Enjoy this Buzzle article if you are one of those many book lovers!

Learning the natural way Observation too has its limitations! What you would ideally require is developing the reading habit. Perhaps because it's the most natural habit to inculcate! Ordinarily kids dislike reading material that is dedicatedly made for them as their appreciation for listening skills are so honed that school subconsciously makes them listen to tales and instructions. A good book or reading an informative piece makes an ideal companion. It's interesting, builds on your patience and allows you to grow in the pool of knowledge without you realizing it! Much after the Internet boom, reading was almost wiped out of our lives as the interactive medium of images was so engrossing that it left little room for the dotted line. With the dish antenna entering our reverie-like homes, there was literally such a hue and cry for imagery all around that somehow simple pleasures like an intelligent game of scrabble or even a small get-together of families was a lost feature! However, reading has probably survived a plethora of distractions and has yet maintained to be some of the choicest hobbies one would choose to possess! Avid readers tend to have a better grasp on realities and are known to be better judges of people. Of course the type of books you read quite generally depends on your attitude and personality! But reading as a habit has always allowed to nurture a wholesome sense of well-being. Being a total book worm it wasn't difficult to let my brother also accept this so-far genetic habit, but it did take quite a while for me to sell this idea to him! Most of us read books to lull ourselves to sleep. Perhaps this innately happens to all of us as each one of us as children truly despised them in school. Sure I don't blame you guys as despite the best syllabus, school for most of us, when we were kids was a completely mundane and boring routine activity. I mean who would want to read a chapter of an invention that took place decades ago! Moreover, comics are really interesting, Veronica's diamonds, Archie's foolish escapades, Jughead's constant munching action that produced the most brilliant ideas, I'd surely love that to read on the political action. Walking Tall with a Book Perhaps we as human beings, distinct as we are from the rest of the living species need to build up this habit of reading as especially for kids it's really difficult for parents to make the switch from a totally pictured short comic to an immensely boring book of at least a hundred pages, specifically one that has no images or diagrams. I faced that problem myself so I don't blame any kid who'd frown at the idea. And as we age the books also tend to age with us. With our professional lifestyles, it's difficult to manage a non-fiction, with deadlines set for the next day's presentation! After all who'd want a taste of the boss's ire! Many of us miss out on reading in this very manner and sadly it is only in times of sorrow or grief that we seek refuge in reading some sensible stuff that is either in the form of a 'Live it up!', book or some of us might be inclined towards religion! Of course all of this reading comes only next to our listening to others talk about optimism when we are down and out! From all of this I can only conclude that if you choose to make reading your constant companion, you'll never walk alone! Besides you'll have more to discover in life than you'd ever thought about. Think about it, somewhere, in some bright corner of the world, there's some book waiting for you!

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