what does blog stand for

What Does Blog Stand For

Blogging was a rage some time ago. It is still practiced but on a lower scale as compared to past. Earlier it was called Web log, then it was called We blog and now it's simply called blog.

Every person who uses the Internet knows what a blog is, but have you ever wondered what exactly does the word 'blog' stand for? There have been various full forms which have been suggested for it, but the original one is said to be 'Web Log'. This term was coined in the year 1997 by John Barger. Today people are completely familiar with this term and what it represents. It is an online journal of sorts that has given millions of people around the globe an opportunity to explore their creative abilities. People love making journals and memoirs about their lives, travels, aspirations, or simply about their thoughts. Becoming a writer meant that you needed an exemplary command over words and the language, and the ability to sweep people off their feet with your lengthy narrations of purple prose. But high speed Internet has changed everything. 'Shorter, smaller and faster' emerged as the new mantra, and blogging took the world by storm. It paved the way for individuals of moderate literary talents to get their work published and viewed by millions around the world, and gave them a platform for 'creative expression'. History of Blog When the Internet first began functioning, starting a new webpage was a tedious process and it took plenty of time. As time went by, this process got easier and shorter, and pretty soon it was just a matter of a click. In 1999, Peter Merholz, broke down the term web log into 'we blog'. This soon became the rage and the term began to be used more as a verb. To blog now came to mean to create or edit your web log. The use of this term was so widespread and common, that by 2003 the Oxford English Dictionary had to include it in its list. Pyra Labs created a software known as Blogger, which was subsequently acquired by Google, and this interface made it possible for everyone with Internet access to create their own blog. The Meaning of Blog For people who are new to the world of the Internet, the term holds a lot of mystery and fascination. Though originally the word was coined to imply 'Web Log', over the years there are many more acronyms that the term has been associated with. Here are a few more acronyms that it stands for.
  • Better Listings on Google
  • Big Load of Gossip
  • Boring Lump of Garbage
  • Boring Lessons on Galaxy
  • Biological Links on the Globe
Going through these supposed acronyms, one can see that the term blog is not something that is related to literature. Of course, there are few individuals who make use of this platform for good purpose, but all in all, this platform has disturbed the equilibrium of genuine content. There are no regulations regarding the material that can be published, and as a result you will come across a lot of incoherent and inconsequential gibberish. People will argue that this gives the world a stage to express themselves, but some people say as to what use is it to them to read about what a teenage girl in Tokyo ate for breakfast, and how her mood is? They consider it all as 'chatter' (useless noise), which the Internet is guilty of inventing.

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