weaknesses for interviews

Weaknesses for Interviews

Answering questions about strengths and weaknesses in an interview can be tricky. The following article focuses on some questions related to weaknesses, and tips to answer them in an interview.

The most frequently asked interview questions are related to an individual's strengths and weaknesses. You probably won't need any help with the former ones, but with the latter, you have to be a little diplomatic and honest at the same time. There are some ways, by which you can be perfectly honest with your interviewer while framing your weaknesses for job interviews in such a way, that they don't show you in bad light. "I like to get things done as early as possible, and I get irritated if my colleagues focus on things other than the work at hand" This is one of the most common weaknesses, but it can serve you well. It shows that you are not the kind of employee who will indulge in or support office politics. It also shows that you will achieve your targets in time. "I'm not much of a socializer. Although, I can work in harmony in teams, but I seldom make close friends at my workplace" This shows that you are kind of a loner, but you would not let that get into the way of your work. Although, employers want their employees to bond, they don't want them to become best buddies, and waste their work time hanging out and making jokes. "I am very particular about finishing one task properly before starting with the next one" This means that an individual cannot multitask. But, look at the way it has been disguised to seem as though you chase down every task, complete it, and only then move on to the next one. But this may have a negative impact if your job is all about multitasking. "I can be a little unorganized sometimes, but that happens because I get a little too engrossed in my work. Although, I am still working on it" Again, the "weakness" highlights that you get engrossed in your work, and you can really concentrate on it. Even if the interviewer has a problem with the "unorganized" part, you have mentioned that you are working on it. "Sometimes, I may get a little too involved with my teammates, and would deal with their problems as if they were my own" Say it only if it is true, because it may be considered seriously against you. Although, you look like a very good team player and a caring person, the company would not agree a lot with the employees that get too involved with others' problems. The key, as you may have deducted from the above examples of weaknesses, is to cover them in such a manner, that it appears as if your weaknesses could be beneficial in some ways. Never mention a weakness that has a direct bearing on your job profile. But, at the same time, honesty is of utmost importance along with the usual prerequisites of an interview, like self-confidence, proper and comfortable attire, good communication skills, knowledge of the company history, achievements, etc.

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