ways to appreciate your wife

Ways to Appreciate Your Wife

Appreciate your wife they say, but they conveniently forget to say 'how'? What is one to do to show his love? Let's find out in the following piece.

Appreciation cannot be calculated word for word and action for action. Love her like she's meant to be loved, and she'll know just how much you appreciate her.
She's always doing something; and you're so used to her doing that 'something' that in the rut of things, you rarely give it a thought. Which is understandable, because both of you have settled into a comfortable place where your roles are defined, and your work is cut out for you. But what needs to be understood (and understood really well) is that when this phase comes about, there are high chances that a person might slip into a taking-the-other-person-for-granted phase, and that's where things might get unpleasant. Arguments may erupt, and a couple of 'you don't care about me anymore', or the more potent―'you have changed' may be thrown at you. Which is of course not true, right? It's just that you haven't really done anything concrete in a long time to show that you appreciate all that she does for you. What we say is, why wait for things to get to this stage? Why not just take a little effort and show her what she means to you? And when you will get around to showing her your appreciation, you'll be pleasantly blown away with the unparalleled joy and excitement she will be beaming with. So, what are the ways to appreciate your wife?
Acknowledge What She Does
What to Do In simple words, let her know that you know what she does for you and your family, and that you appreciate it. The most direct way of doing this is to acknowledge her efforts whenever possible. For example, if you loved the chicken she made you at lunch, make sure that you tell her that. Or maybe you had your buddies over for a work thing, and she stayed up and made coffee for all of you―thank her for the efforts she took. In fact, praise her efforts in front of them if possible. Why to Do It Why is it important to acknowledge her efforts? Because this will let her know that you're aware of the things she does around the house for you and others. Feeling appreciated is like an elixir that makes you want to do things because you want to, not because you have to. And More Use these words as often as possible―'Thank you', 'I really appreciate what you did', 'I'm glad you're a part of my life', 'I could not have done this without you'.
Say it Through Words and Actions
What to Do Women love to speak, and they are more vocal of the two sexes. So, when you tell her how you feel, that's pretty much rainbows and meadows for her. But we are aware that men are not really into vocalizing their thoughts ... so, then what? Then we use actions to portray what we feel. Leaving little notes around the house or surprising her with small gifts shows that you not only appreciate her, but also think of her, and want to do things for her. Why to Do It Women love being complimented, and if expressing it through words is not really your forte, then make it happen through actions. This, like we said, will let her know that you care for her and appreciate her. And More The thing with women is they love spending time with the man in their life―so, even if you are not a man of complex or simple notes (like the one in the image above), you can most definitely make it up to her by doing small things, like bringing her flowers, taking her out to dinner, or surprising her with a gift.
Do Things She Likes
What to Do So, when you go out of your way and do things that she enjoys, irrespective of whether you enjoy doing them or not, it is a clear indication that you love and appreciate your wife, and are, therefore, willing to do those things. So, going over to a family gathering when you'd rather not, or watching a film that she enjoys is a great way to show her you care. Why to Do It This is as clear as it can get―you're clearly putting her needs before yours. You may or may not enjoy doing these things, or given a choice, you might not necessarily do them, but you're doing them for her and her happiness. P.S.― Make sure that you're not sulking about it or taunting her in any way, once you decide to do these things. Do it happily, only then will it mean something. And More Make a list of things that she enjoys doing, and you'll have a whole list of things that you can do for her.
Be There for Her
What to Do It is said that a woman instinctively cares and nurtures. So, what happens when the woman is sick? You take care of her. That's what. And why just when she's sick, be there for her in her time of need, always―whether that is emotional or financial support, or maybe support in the way of just providing a listening ear. Why to Do It What better way to show that you appreciate her than to be there for her when she needs you? What better way than to let her know that she can depend on you at all times? No other, really. And More So, she's had a really stressful day at work. Here's how you make her feel better―draw her a hot bath, make dinner, and just let her off all her duties. But the thing is, you don't really have to wait for her to have a bad day to do these things; in fact, you should do them without any reason. That's the real deal.
Because you love her, that's why you should appreciate her. Simple and straight. You don't need reasons and excuses. All you need is to understand her, and be there for her. A woman does not expect anything more, anything less.

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