wall mounted shelves

Wall Mounted Shelves

Shelves that are mounted on the wall are a great way of displaying your accents and utilizing your vertical space.

Wall mounted shelves allow you to make maximum utilization of vertical space. You can use them as a utility item to store goods or a showcase to display your collectibles. They can easily occupy the narrow, unused spaces in the house. They can be manufactured using a variety of materials and they come in various shapes and sizes. Advantages Wall mounted shelves allow you to store an array of things like books, CDs, utility items, etc. In the living room, you can use them as decorative shelves to display your pieces of accents and other décor. In the kids' room, they can be of great use for storing toys, books, clothes, etc. In the bathroom, you may use a wall mounted shelf to hold items of personal hygiene. Although, it may not be as necessary in the bedroom, you can certainly place a lampshade or a flower pot to add to the décor. In the kitchen, you can use these shelves to store handy items like salt, pepper, sugar, etc. The basic aim of wall mounted shelves is to store those items that are required frequently. This way, you are saved the trouble of opening and closing the drawers and cabinets frequently. Moreover, you no longer have to rummage through the drawers to find a particular thing, as what you need is right in front of you. These shelves come in a ready-to-install format, with installer kits. Often, these shelves come in floating shelves format where the hardware is concealed. Types Glass Shelves Glass shelves are the most elegant of all wall shelves. They give a very clean look to any room and are easy to maintain. You can use them in the bathroom to store toothbrush, towels, soap cases etc. This will give your bathroom a tidy look. In the bedroom, you can use glass shelves to place a photo frame, candle holder, books, etc. Corner Shelves Corner shelves are the most useful and space saver of all the wall shelves. They can be fit in the corner of the rooms, the area that is mostly unused. More often than not, corner shelves are tiered with shelves in different sizes. Their biggest advantage is that, as they don't stick out of the wall, you are least likely to run into them. In your kid's bedroom you can use these to place toys or frames of family pictures. Wood Shelves These are classic in appearance and look apt in any room. You have ample choice regarding the wood of the shelves. You can go for elegant cherry or modern oak wood or even country white. Wooden shelves are very easy to match with the rest of the décor of your house. The only problem with wall mounted shelves is that they cannot be used to store heavy items, due to their weak structural frame. Nonetheless, you can go for these shelves for the myriad advantages they offer.

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