vintage baby names for girls with their meanings

Vintage Baby Names for Girls with their Meanings

The old-fashioned names take us back to a simpler and classic world. Even if you look back at your own family tree, you will find so many wonderful vintage names to cherish. This article gives a list of some sophisticated vintage girl names to choose from.

Getting the classic back! - According to recent baby name polls names like Elsa, Florence and Theodora which were once considered outdated are climbing the popularity charts. - The current fashion obsession is names that are 'Extreme Retro'
The names which were popular eras ago are finding their way back into the family genealogy, vintage names hold a classy old feel and some nostalgic value to it. These names are now gaining popularity for more than one reason. Parents christen their babies with names of their great-grandparents to keep their remembrance alive, or have memories attached with that person, or maybe the name is of some historical value to them. Thanks to celebrities whom the common public widely copies have started choosing classy names for their kids e.g. The Britain's most-loved royal couple have named their son George, Bruce Willis and Lily Allen named their daughter Mabel, recently singer Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda named their daughter Theodora and there are many more. If you are a fan of old is gold then listed below are some time-honored classic names to pick from.
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Abigail - Joy of father
Adele - Kind
Adelaide - Noble
Alma - Soul
Amelia - Industrious
Annabelle - Grace and beauty
Audrey - Noble strength
Augusta - Majestic dignity
Ava - Life
Beatrice - Voyager, traveler
Bernadette - Brave
Betsy - Oath of god
Blanche - Light
Blythe - Merry
Caroline - Friendship
Celia - Heavenly
Charlotte - Tiny,feminine
Chloe - Blooming
Clarice/Clarissa - Brilliant
Colleen - Irish word for girl
Clementine - Mercy
Delilah - Delight
Dinah - Avenged
Dixie - Tenth born
Dorothy/Dorothea - Gift of god
Edith - Joyous
Eleanor - Shining light
Elise - God's child
Elsa - Truth
Enid - Soul
Etta - Keeper of hearth
Eudora - Good gift
Eva - Young
Eve - Lively
Evelyn - Hazelnut
Fay - Confidence
Flora - Flower
Frances - Free one
Gloria - Glory
Georgette - Soil tiller
Georgina - Farmer
Greta - Pearl
Gwendolyn - Fair, blessed
Harriet - Ruler
Hattie - Power
Hazel - Hazel tree
Helen - The bright one
Imogen - Innocent
Inez - Pure
Irene - Peace
Iris - Rainbow
Isabella - Devoted to god
Isadora - Gift of isis
Jane - Jehovah has been gracious
Jewel - Lucky
Jocelyn - Happy
Julie - Young
Juliette - Youthful
Justine - Just, upright
Lenora - Shining light
Leona - Lioness
Lillith - Lily
Loretta - Bay tree
Lorraine - Sea gull
Lucinda - Illumination
Lydia - Worshiper of god
Madeline - From magdala
Margaret - Pearl
Marion - From the sea
Mabel - Lovable
Marilyn - Wished for child
Marjorie - Child of light
Meredith - Guardian of sea
Myra - Beauty to die for
Neva - Snow
Nora - Light
Olivia - Symbol of peace
Pauline - Little
Penelope - Bobbin
Phoebe - The shining one
Polly - Rebel
Priscilla - Ancient
Rosalyn - Beautiful, pretty
Roxanne - Dawn
Ruth - Vision of beauty
Sadie - Princess
Sally - Princess
Sarah - Lady
Scarlett - Red
Selma - God's helmet
Sophia - Wisdom
Stella - Star
Sylvia - From the forest
Theodora - God given
Tillie - Mighty in war
Trudy - Universal strength
Vera - Faith
Victoria - Victorious
Violet - Flower
Vivienne - Lively
Willa - Protection
Wilma - Resolute protector
Trends may come and go but vintage names are here to stay! They may seem old and out of fashion for the current hip generation, but the elegance the names hold will never fade.

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