undercut hairstyles for women

Undercut Hairstyles for Women

Our cogent plea to try the sensuous, androgynous undercut hairstyle will leave you with zero regrets once you give this trend a go. Not only will you love the results, but you'll be trying all sorts of techniques that embody the undercut.

How often do we have lugubrious days? One too many times, I'd say. As much as most of us hate Mondays (in particular), there's always something that you can do to turn things around―like getting a wild haircut over the weekend that you can flaunt come Monday. The undercut hairstyle is a resurrected trend that was once huge in the '90s, where it was popularized by leather-clad biker boys, punk rock stars, and wicked chicks. Runway models, fashionistas, and trendsetters, are sporting this old-school hairstyle with delicious modern-day tweaks. The undercut hairstyle's vivacity is amplified when someone who's got style, a sense of taste, and meticulous hair care routine, decides to parade the look. We don't blame you for being chary once you take a look at the haircut's bold avatars, but we promise that with the right hairstylist and choice of undercut, you'll be turning heads everywhere you go. Undercut Haircuts for Women A quiddity of the undercut is that it can instantly evolve―whether it's the bad-girl vibe, the sexy vixen appeal, or the rocker chick facade you want to portray, this is definitely your go-to haircut. Let's take a look at some of the best undercut hairstyles for women, that will probably inspire you to give this trend a try. Long Undercut
Style Inspiration: Rihanna, Rosario Dawson, and Cher Lloyd A long undercut allows you to play a dual role―all feminine and punk―which you can easily switch between. Hair can be flipped over to expose the partially shaved side, and swept back over to resume looking like the girl next door. We're big fans of highlighted hair, where two shades of color can really bring out an undercut hairstyle's best parts. Experiment with intricate patterns for a cooler version of the classic undercut. Medium-length Undercut
Style Inspiration: Amelle Berrabah, Sheridan Smith, and Ellie Goulding When it comes to the undercut, varying lengths of hair add a lovely definition to tresses, especially when wavy or straight. Leave hair sideswept to reveal the closely clipped side―a combination of partially shaved and a pixie cut. It's like Two-Face from Batman, except we're totally loving this for every bit of its eccentricity. Use a good hair gel to keep the sideswept look in place. Finish off the look with a mist of hairspray. Fringed Undercut
Style Inspiration: Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Keri Hilson The bowl haircut isn't appealing when seen on a grownup; therefore, we urge those of you who still cut your hair in this hoary fashion, to please stop. The bowl haircut―some would say―has transitioned to a mature, refined version of itself―the bob undercut. It has the classic bulge of the bowl haircut at the front, with the partially shaved area taking up the sides and the back of the head. As you can see in the image, hair bounces effortlessly between two personalities―ultra-feminine and carefree punk. Pixie Undercut
Style Inspiration: Kelly Osbourne, Pink, and Tilda Swinton The eternal pixie cut―chic, timeless, and transcendental. It has managed to surpass the rise and fall of hair trends, qualifying in our books as the sexiest kind of undercut. A chichi pixie undercut looks swell when styled with spikes and a messy finish―tousle your hair with a bit of hair gel to achieve this look. Finish it off by running your fingers through your hair, while giving it a quick blow dry; medium-heat should do the trick, where a spritz of hairspray will keep it stiff and perfect-looking all day long. Dual-tone Undercut
Style Inspiration: Fantasia Barrino, Meagan Good, and Missy Elliot As mentioned earlier, highlights in opposing tones is what gets us excited. Blond and chocolaty brown, crimson and pitch black, bubblegum pink and white―contrasting or complementary hues will totally up your style quotient. Play around with different techniques on how to incorporate the partially shaved look, to give it a sleek dimension that draws appreciative stares. Clip hair close to the roots when carrying off this look, to allow the longer bits of your hairstyle to stand out. Curly, Bouffant Undercut
Style Inspiration: Cassie, Willow Smith, and Jada Pinkett Smith Voluminous hair isn't just about its heavenly gravity-defying elements. It gives hairstylists a luscious head of hair to work with. When we think of volume, we picture curls. Lots of curls. What better way to show them off than shaving it down on either side, while leaving the middle erect. The best sort of curls to work with are tight curls, or even Afro-style ringlets. The undercut hairstyle lacks the ability to drown amidst other hairstyle trends, because of its voguish knack to turn into something marvelous every single time. Flip between varying ideas of an undercut hairstyle, and find one that best defines your persona. Don't let the hairstylist go crazy with a pair of clippers, unless you're absolutely sure this is something you want to try.

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