types of travelers you come across while traveling

15 Types of Travelers You Come Across While Traveling

We come across different types of people from different walks of life, especially while traveling. If you've traveled enough, you'll realize that there are certain types of people you are guaranteed to bump into, no matter wherever you go. Buzzle has tried to identify some types of travelers that you may across every time you travel. Try recognizing them if you can!

"Once a year, go someplace you've never been before."
― Dalai Lama
Traveling is an experience, it teaches you a lot about yourself and makes you independent. Some people say that the best part about travel is the people you meet on your journey. But not everyone is lucky every time, isn't it? Whether you travel for work or pleasure, you meet new people from different places and also learn about their culture. Funny, weird, smart, over-smart, rude, annoying, intelligent, nerdy, inspiring, etc; there are all kinds of people in this world. Some are so weird and annoying that you feel as if someone is playing a prank on you. But soon enough you realize that it is the truth of your life, and you are stuck with this person for the rest of your journey. And suddenly, your journey seems that much longer than what it actually is! Of course, there are some amazing people too who may sometimes make your experience even more worthwhile, and you feel blessed to have met them. So join us on the journey while we go 'traveler-watching' and try recognizing which one of them you may run into in your next wanderlust!
Different Travelers You'll Meet While Traveling
#1. The Photography Lover
Indeed a picture is worth a thousand words, and traveling is a great time to capture special memories, but when you come across 'the obsessed photographer', who likes to capture each and every second of the journey and is always in a hurry to upload them on Facebook or Instagram, there comes a time when you feel they should just put their cameras down and enjoy the moment. It may also happen that your 'photographer friend' may accompany you on your trips. While you might frown at them for making you pose, you'll be glad that those pictures exist!
#2. The Poser
You come across many people who like to do some strange things, especially when it comes to posing for pictures, with selfies being popular off late. This person simply loves to pose for pictures, be it saving the Leaning Tower of Pisa from falling or falling from a cliff! Then you have some reluctant and serious posers, who are always embarrassed to pose for a photo.
#3. The Obvious Tourists
These type of travelers stand out in the crowd easily. You'll often spot them with a map in hand, trying to figure out directions or the ones trying to blend in with the locals. You'll often see them being dressed like locals, trying to adopt the ways of a certain place and culture.
#4. The Foodie
If you've ever traveled with a person who doesn't care about what he/she eats, then you'll definitely know how wonderful it is to have 'the foodie' around. This food enthusiast will leave no chance of tasting every authentic and weird dish of the place. Let us warn you; this food enthusiasm can be really infectious, and you may soon find yourself trying new and delicious food everyday.
#5. The Romantic Honeymoon Couple
This couple is sure to get swept away in the sea of romance, while they can't get enough of each other. If you end up being in some place that is popular for 'honeymooners', then be ready to witness some PDA and couples giving cheesy poses in front of monuments, or like Jack and Rose in 'Titanic'! And others like to go by the saying, "The couple that travels together stays together."
#6. The Nerdy Couple
Nerdy couples too can be seen leaving their comfort zones and injecting nerdiness in their trips as well. Of course, they like to do it in their own way and like to do prior research in detail before they decide upon a place. They can be seen at the beaches surfing (pun intended!) and soaking themselves in every ounce of information before and after visiting the place as well.
#7. The Wise Old Couple
You think you can beat them with your youthful energy? You need to think twice about it dude. They've been there done that, may be once at least, which is why they are the best and the cutest couple who can advise you on anything that you may need. And believe us, it will be the best advise you'll ever get from anyone. If you get a chance, go exploring with them; chances are that you may come across a great place that may not even be on your list!
#8. The Family Guy
The guy who just can't travel without his family, and sometimes even dog! This family travels with twice as many bags as people in the family that often takes up other people's space. Their conversations are always about their family or some other family and their personal matters. And with small kids around, there's no end to commotion and disturbance. However, if you are lucky enough, you may come across a good family as well!
#9. The Adventurer
The adventurers are some of the best company to go exploring with and can be highly contagious! For some, travel means adventure and thrill that gives them the adrenaline rush at every step. You'll always see them up to something or the other when they are not pulling off any stunts. Even between big adventures, they have their own mini-adventures. And when they are not having any adventures, they are either sleeping or eating.
#10. Mr. Bucket List
These adventure lovers are one of the most humble travelers you'll run into in your life; that is, if you are lucky enough to catch hold of them before they are off to tick the next thing on their bucket list. They are always ready to have some company and would love it if you join them for the next day's skydiving, bungee jumping, or scuba diving, which you will definitely agree to (thanks to the beer that you had last night!).
#11. The Partier
For this traveler, everyday is a holiday and every night is a party! Whether it's by the seashore or in the middle of a dense forest, this person will always be the one to grab a beer and set the party mood. Moreover, he/she will have plenty of personal experiences and stories to share, which would mostly involve partying and getting drunk! Of course, these guys are great and fun to hang out with.
#12. Mr./Miss Wanderlusting
They are always ready for some or the other outing, be it a place nearby or far away. They have a passion for travel and won't miss out any place. They simply love to explore new places and always have a destination in mind. All their stories are about different places and not things or people.
#13. Mr./Miss Know-It-All
Mr./Miss Know-It-All, aka the self-proclaimed guide. They'll tell you A - Z of every place that you mention. Even if you want to know a good place to eat, they'll tell you where, when, how, what time, and what exactly you should be eating at what place. They'll also give you 10 reasons why you should have or shouldn't have gone to a particular place, and also warn you of some things and places if you want to have a great time.
#14. The Eager Traveler
The person who is always up very early and ready to explore the place. They are always excited to see and explore new places and do new things, and are always ready for some more. They are a great company to travel with, and you will gain maximum in the company of this person.
#15. The Good Guy/Girl
We often come across some simply good and sweet people, who will offer help without expecting anything in return. You will often get along with them very easily and make your tour worth remembering. At the end of it all, you'll feel glad that you met them.
Of course, there are other travelers like
  • The Noisy Traveler
  • The Heart-broken One
  • The Lazy Traveler
  • The Light Traveler
  • The Gadget-Savvy
So, go ahead and explore the world! No matter where you end up, you're sure to meet many, many new and interesting people, and probably end up adding some more weird characters to this list. After all, that's the surprise in life. You never know what or who you'll come across on the way.

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