top ten highest paying jobs in america

Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs in America

We list out the top ten highest paying jobs in America, along with other avenues that you can explore.

After America was given a recessional blow to the face, Americans and others in the country suffered a 360 degree shift in their lives. It's sad to see so many people out of a job, while struggling to raise a family, with some even without the bare necessities of life. People are still looking for jobs, and trying to get by with what they have, but it hasn't stopped many from pushing forward. Companies have raised their standards, taking only employees with unparallelled talent and a resume to match, into consideration. Here is the latest of what the top ten highest paying jobs in the US are, to help you narrow down your choices to focus your prime attention on. Highest Paying Jobs in the US It is no surprise that the medical field trumps others, in the rat race to secure the number one position, in the professional, big, bad world. Their skills and years of experience, are a tedious amalgamation of brains and quick judgment. They save lives everyday, and help people in ways that most of us cannot imagine. Let's take a look at which jobs are making a comeback this year, as well as those that pay a handsome stipend. Those who've just passed out from school can get a good idea of which job is worth pursuing, since markets are unpredictable plate tectonics, that need to be thoroughly examined before making a conscious decision.
Rank 1 Anesthesiologists ($232,800 and above)
Rank 2 Surgeons (230,500 and above)
Rank 3 OB/GYN ($216,730 and above)
Rank 4 Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeons ($216,425 and above)
Rank 5 Internists & Orthodontists ($191,510-$186,312 and above)
Rank 6 Physicians ($184,800 and above)
Rank 7 General Practitioners ($180,826 and above)
Rank 8 Family Practitioners ($180,822 and above)
Rank 9 Psychiatrists ($177,512 and above)
Rank 10 Chief Executives ($176,811 and above)
Other High-Ranking Jobs in the US
Chief Executives
Financial Managers
Airline Pilots and Copilots
Petroleum Engineers
Natural Sciences Managers
Engineering Managers
Architectural Managers
Marketing Managers
Flight Engineers
Sales Managers
Computer Systems Managers
Top 10 Paying Jobs for Women Women out there who have it all in experience, but are constantly up against a road block in the job scene, can try a hand at these job positions. Even those fresh out of university and looking to make it in the world on their own, can consider testing these waters. A word of advice - get as much textbook knowledge as possible, on-field work, and intern experience under your belt, since companies are tightening their requirements, when it comes down to choosing the best job candidates.
Petroleum Engineers
Education Administrators
Top-Level Managers
Registered Nurses
These are some of the best jobs in the world for women, for those who have what it takes to fill in that position. For varied options be sure to check out a web portal that browses the interface for the best matched profiles that twin up against your resume - check out CareerBuilder and AmericasJobExchange. These are some of the most sought after professions, especially now with the job scene being dicey. I hope this helps you out with finding the perfect job for you, or for others looking out for one.

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