bathroom renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Is your bathroom old and calling for not just repairs, but replacements of various parts too? Then, it is time you consider bathroom renovations...

Bathroom is a frequently visited place in a household, a room used for bathing, brushing, etc. Hence, it is important to maintain a place which is used for keeping personal hygiene in a neat and clean way too. If your bathroom has leaking pipes, dripping faucets, cracked paints, and other problems then it is time you consider remodeling it. Planning The first thing you need to do is make a checklist. Take a small tour of your bathroom, and examine each and every part closely. Make a checklist of things which don't work and need to be completely replaced, and certain things which needs minor repairs. Store the things which can be reused in a separate room. Plumbing The second step in renovation is to fix all the pipes, the sink, shower, faucets, etc. If the pipes or other metal parts are rusted, then better get them replaced. Many renovations can be done yourself, but plumbing is a main aspect of bathroom and should be done by a professional. Painting Once the bathroom plumbing is done, it is time to repaint the whole space. First fix the damaged walls by getting rid of the cracked paints and fill any holes or cracks in the walls. Then apply a primer and sealer to increase the life of the paint and the walls. Use a monochromatic paint scheme for a small bathroom. For a large or medium-sized bathroom, you can use a two color scheme of bright and bold colors for the decor. After the painting is done, apply a semi gloss finish to the walls to protect them better. Lighting If you have a small bathroom or have limited lights in the room then consider adding some fixtures to improve lighting, that will not just make the room look good but will also help to open up the space. You can also consider adding a skylight window, if the source of natural light is limited. Flooring You can go with wooden flooring if you like, however, if you have a small bathroom and want to save on the renovation cost then tiled flooring is the best idea. Tiles are cheaper, come in various designs, and are easiest to clean. Make sure you put few floor mats in the bathroom to prevent any slipping accidents. Adding Basics Once you are done with the flooring, replace or repair the bathroom sink, toilet, shower stall, bathtub, etc. These are bathroom basics, and hence should be of a simpler design and color coordinated. Plain white toilets, sinks, stalls, and tubs are common and look good too. Also, install the cabinets, shelves, and mirrors. You can go with a sink installed in a bathroom cabinet, which also has storage space to maintain a clutter-free space. If you are low on space, then you can also consider going for mirrors which have shelves behind them. If you have a smaller bathroom, it is important that there are compact shelves which have enough storage space. This will help to maintain clean lines so that the bathroom looks larger and opened up. Using Accents To make the bathroom an even more inviting place, add few accents or vanities. But, make sure you keep the number of accents to 3 - 4. Add a flower vase, a houseplant, painting, mural, or a light fixture to make the space look even more attractive. These were the various ideas for renovating bathrooms, so use the above ideas to transform your old bathroom into a neater, cleaner, newer, and attractive space!

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