bathroom paneling ideas

Bathroom Paneling Ideas

Are you planning to add pizazz to the look of your bathroom. Here are some ideas for you to consider. Read on to know more..

Today's bathrooms are no longer a mere utility. People consider them as a place to unwind and relax after a hard day at work. As a result, more and more homeowners are converting their bathrooms into mini spas. If you are one such homeowner who is looking for ideas to decorate bathroom walls, then you should indeed consider the following bathroom paneling ideas. Bathroom Wall Paneling Ideas and Tips Why Go for Bathroom Paneling Bathroom wall paneling is a wall treatment that includes fitting prefabricated pieces of materials (panels) on the bathroom wall surface, so as to get a uniform look for the wall. Bathroom wall panels are a great substitute for conventional paint and tiles. Paint tends to peel and chip off after some time. Besides, it cannot withstand the extreme temperature, moisture and humidity in the bathroom. The problem with tiles is that the tile grout often serves as a thriving place for mold and mildew growth. This hampers the appearance of tiles and gives your bathroom a dirty and shabby appearance. Bathroom panels on the other hand are manufactured to tolerate all sorts of extreme conditions in the bathroom. Besides, they are easier to install and have no place for mold and mildew growth. They are much more durable than the other two options listed above. Materials Bathroom panels are available in an array of materials. PVC paneling is the most sought after bathroom paneling. It is extremely light in weight, durable, easier to install and comes in different styles and patterns. It is also resistant to mold and mildew growth and can withstand steam and heat. Besides, it is also non resistant to most bathroom cleaning agents such as bleaches etc. Another popular bathroom paneling material is wood. Wood paneling for walls looks absolutely elegant and rich and can instantly lift the mood of any bathroom. Besides, fine quality wood panels are also resistant to heat, moisture and steam. Natural stone or marble panels, though expensive look really exquisite. If you are particularly looking for cheaper paneling options, then ceramic panels may be appropriate for you.
PVC Panels
Wood Panels
Natural Stone Panels
Ceramic Panels
Colors and Patterns Bathroom wall panels are available in every color imaginable. PVC paneling for bathroom is available in both solid colors as well as patterns. Solid colors look great for bathroom ceiling paneling, whereas walls can be done in patterned bathroom panels. The patterns that are currently available in PVC are a good imitation of natural stone, mosaic, ceramic tiles, etc. You wouldn't know the difference unless you touch them. Decorative wall panels in wood are available in various grains and colors. Due to such a vast variety in terms of colors and patterns, you can easily match the bathroom paneling designs with rest of the bathroom décor and vanities. Styles Currently, three styles of bathroom paneling are popular namely, full wall paneling, wainscoting and library. The following table describes each style in detail.
Full Wall Paneling
In full wall paneling prefabricated 4 x 8 ft sheets of wall panel are installed on the surface of the wall. The sheets are simply glued to the surface with the help of a carpenter's glue. This style is great if you want a uniform and seamless appearance for your walls.
Wainscoting bathroom includes covering only bottom half of the wall with panels and painting the rest portion of the wall. The wall panels protect the wall from moisture and other elements, while the plain top half balances the look of the bathroom.
You can also implement other bathroom wall paneling ideas to render a unique look to your bathroom. While buying bathroom wall panels, always invest in quality material as it can last really long.

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