bathroom ideas for small bathrooms

Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Are you looking for some space saving ideas for small bathrooms. In this article, you will find some tips and tricks to effectively use the available space.

Large bathrooms complete with a jacuzzi are everyone's fantasy. However, our space challenged urban homes rarely offer this luxury. By using clever design ideas for small bathrooms, you can easily convert your tiny bathroom into a comfortable retreat. Judicious use of space and choosing the right type of bathroom vanities are some ways of making the best of whatever you have got. In this article, we have listed a few ideas for small bathrooms, which will enable you to transform your tiny bath space into a luxurious bathroom. Some Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms Generally, bathrooms are classified as half baths, three quarter baths and full bathrooms. Half baths include only a sink and a toilet and are ideal for rooms which only have visitors for a short time. Three quarter baths include a sink, toilet and shower and is sufficient to take care of all the needs of a family. Full bathrooms contain a bathtub in addition to the above mentioned amenities. Thus, when we are talking about small bathrooms, more often than not we are talking about half or three quarter bathrooms. Nonetheless, some people somehow manage to squeeze in a bathtub in their small bathroom and then struggle with the placement of other bathroom vanities. However, with the help of following bathroom ideas for small spaces, you can take care of all your space related woes in a bathroom. Pedestal Sink or Vanity Cabinets Vanity cabinets take up a large space in your bathroom. Hence, opting for pedestal sinks is a better idea. If you need to store a large number of accessories and toiletries, then a small vanity with under counter cabinets is an option to consider. Wall mounted sinks with shelves underneath is also a great space saving bathroom ideas for decorating. Shower Enclosures Most small bathrooms either have a bathtub with a shower or shower only. Installing shower curtains or a shower enclosure is a good idea to give a roomy feel to your bathroom decor. A glass shower enclosure creates an illusion of space in a small bathroom. If installing a shower enclosure is not possible due to budget reasons, then you might as well consider the option of installing shower curtains. Choose a light color for the curtains to give an impression of more space. Smaller Toilet No matter how much you like large, comfy toilets and lot of room around them, installing them in your small bathrooms may not be a practical idea. Instead go for smaller toilets which are as comfortable. Increase the floor space around the toilet by getting rid of clutter in the bathroom, such as laundry hampers, trashcans etc. Door Swing Although, it might seem a very insignificant issue while decorating a small bathroom, the truth is that a door swing does eat up quite a lot of space in your small bathroom. It can occupy as much as 25% of the total space of a half or three quarter bathroom. Hence, you need to address this issue if you wish to maximize the space in your bathroom. Doors that slide into the walls are ideal for such smaller bathrooms. Lighter Paint Colors This is one of the most basic principles of interior designing, which applies to bathroom walls as well. Lighter, pastel colors create a soothing effect and render an illusion of airy, spacious bathroom. Similarly, go for bathroom tiles in lighter colors as they look clean and chic. You can add an element of color in the form of colorful pieces of accent in the bathroom. Brighter Floor Tiles As floor tiles take up substantial area in a bathroom, they have a huge impact on the bathroom decor. For smaller bathrooms, it is best to opt for larger, brighter tiles. You can go for quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, or cork flooring tiles in sober colors such as off white, white, sand or beige. One of the useful ideas for effective bathroom designs for small spaces, includes positioning the bathtub, shower, toilet and sink against a single wall. This mitigates plumbing cost and creates a neater look for your bathroom.

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