bathroom designs on a budget

Bathroom Designs on a Budget

Do you want to transform your boring and dull bathroom to something stylish and voguish? In this Buzzle article we give you some designs on a budget where you can renovate your bathroom without spending too much.

A bathroom is smaller space compared to the other rooms of the house. Therefore, remodeling will not be heavy on your pockets. There are many innovative and creative designs which can be implemented within a small budget. Bathroom Design Ideas on a Budget You can try many ways to give your bathroom a stylish and trendy look. You can replace your bathroom vanities or try some cool accessories like scented candles, ethnic towels, bright corals and seashell, or funky bathroom lighting fixtures, hangers, hooks, curtain rods, and wall art. Curved Shower Rod You can get a curved shower rod in a departmental or a discount store. It is priced between $60-$100. These curved shower rods will definitely give your bathroom a classy look. You can also buy a double curved shower rod which will allow you to have a liner and a shower curtain together. You will find such curved shower rods in many upscale and sophisticated hotels and spas. Vinyl Flooring Vinyl flooring is a good solution to renovate your bathroom with. It is an inexpensive option for bathroom flooring. However, many types of vinyl tiles look expensive like marble and ceramic tile flooring. Installing vinyl tiles is much easier as compared to the other types of tiles as it does not need any grout/plaster or compound for installation or fixation. You can choose a peel and stick tile option to make the installation process easier and quicker. First of all, wash your floor nicely and let it dry completely. Then, you can lay your tiles on the flooring. However, the layout won't seem to be very neat, therefore certain pieces of tiles will have to be cut for a proper finish. It is preferable to cut them from places where it is not visible or noticeable, like behind the toilet seat or edge of the cabinets. After you have cut the necessary tiles you can start with the procedure of peeling and sticking. Peel the back portion of the tile and put the tiles on the floor according to your layout. Be careful during the layout. Make sure the lines are straight and there is no gap between two tiles. It is always recommended to keep all the tiles on the floor to see the layout first and then stick them. Wall Painting Painting an accent wall in your bathroom will transform your regular and boring bathroom decor and give it an exclusive look. You can choose a vivid color that will complement the color of your shower curtain. You can put an artistic mirror or artwork on your accent wall to enhance the look and draw attention towards it. Color the other walls of your bathroom in light shades. Avoid coloring all the bathroom walls in dark and bold colors as it will make your bathroom space look smaller than it really is. You can go for designer light fixtures for that wall too. These were some inexpensive and trendy bathroom designs on a budget. Try these ideas and transform your boring and dull bathroom into a stylish spa.

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