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Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Choosing the perfect kids' bathroom decor with the help of unique colors, designs, and accessories goes a long way into transforming a drab bathroom into a cool place for your kids. Read on to know more about some bathroom decorating ideas, that your kids would absolutely love.

Most of us have heard parents complain that their kids do not brush their teeth long enough, are always in a hurry to rinse their hands, or they do not take an appropriate-length bath. Well, maybe the fault lies in the drab bathroom space, that makes your kids want to get out faster than they can get in. Kids love a space that is tailor-made just for them. And, with the right decor you can get them to follow their daily cleanliness routine without cribbing. What's more? With the wide range of bathroom design ideas available, you can have a blast doing it yourself. Having said that, it is also important to remember that it's quite easy to go overboard, while decorating your kids' bathroom with different themes and accessories. There are several factors that need to be taken into account while designing a bathroom for a kid, with safety and independence leading the list. Here is a look at some bathroom decoration ideas that your kids would absolutely love. Kids' Bathroom Makeovers Planning for Safety The first step in designing the perfect look for your kids' bathroom is having a solid plan in hand. Choose the theme for the bathroom wall decor, the colors to use, and the wallpapers for it. The obvious thing to keep in mind is the safety, of course. The bathroom is a place where plenty of accidents, from minor to tragic, can happen. Choose countertops that have rounded corners and edges, to avoid bumped heads. Ensure that the hooks sport rounded tips instead of pointed ones. To prevent climbing attempts, place the towel racks at your child's height or add a sturdy stool with a skid-proof bottom. It's a great idea to mark the hot water faucet clearly so that the kids can steer clear, and turn your water heater down to avoid accidental scalding. Remember to add 'no slip' bathroom mats to the bottom of the bathtub. For the young kids, who are still not potty trained, get a toilet clamp for the commode. Designing the Bathroom The decorating ideas will be based not only on the age of the kid, but also only his or her choice. A great idea for appealing to the choosiest of the youngsters, is to involve them while designing the bathroom. You will be surprised by their enthusiasm and the wild, imaginative ideas that they come up with. While choosing the bathroom wall decor, you could select bright, colorful themes and paint colors to line the wall. Additionally, there are many varieties of wallpaper trims that have cute designs on them. They can add a fun touch to the bathroom decor. You can also paint the walls in a light or neutral shade, and then trace a couple of pictures on the wall and paint them. For the younger kids, design your project based on their favorite cartoons or movie characters. For the little ladies, you could incorporate a ballet theme with frilly pink accents, plenty of ribbon and lace, or a princess theme with the crown waste basket, complete with a castle toothbrush holder. For the boys, you can choose a swashbuckling pirate theme or a range cowboy style. A sports theme or a dinosaur theme seems to never go out of style. For the older kids, try the beach theme complete with flip-flop rugs, shower curtain hooks, and wall decals, or the rock star theme with the guitar toothbrush holder, rock band shower curtain, and a disco ball lotion dispenser. While adding the accessories in the bathroom, choose from the kids' bathroom sets available in the stores, to match your theme. There is no end to the licensed character products such as toothbrush holders, soap dishes, soap dispensers, and towels that can help you complete the look. You can also find kid-friendly bath lights at tons of places in town. Check out the whimsical ones with frosted shades! While incorporating these ideas, remember that decorating for kids is not a forever kind of thing. As your kids get older, their preferences will change, and you will have to start over again with a new bathroom decor. So go all wild and trendy and enjoy it till your kids get tired of the design. Till then, think of some more kids' bathroom ideas so you never exhaust your idea resource bank. Believe me, they will come handy when your little girl wants a new movie star theme, instead of her boring teddy bear bathroom!

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