basketball team names

Basketball Team Names

End your desperate search for basketball team names by reading this article.

Basketball is one of the most popular games around the world. Where else can one witness the passion, excitement and adrenalin rush equivalent to a basketball game The last moment aggressive and nail-biting finishes leave us in the awe of the matches for months and years. Be it the National Basketball Association (NBA) superstars battling their opponents or the college basketball games, basketball is a game of grit, speed, athleticism and tremendous amount of energy. How to Come Up with a Team Name While you are brainstorming with your team members to think of ideas for basketball team names, you will be required to consider certain tips that are as follows.
  • Decide if you want to select some funny team names or something serious. Humorous team names can also bring out the punch line of your team, but then you got to give it some real thought! Read more on cool team names.
  • Think of the geographical location or local area where you reside. Select the name of some landmark in that area and choose it as your basketball team name. After all, it's a part of your identity.
  • Let every team member suggest 5 team names. When you have created a pool of names, pick the top 5 among them and finally chose one! Simple and time saving!
  • Express the mantra of your team in one word! That's it, you got your basketball team name!
  • Are you guys a die-hard fan of Michael Jordan or Larry Bird? Well, dedicate your basketball team names to some of the styles or techniques that these legends were known for! May be their speed, artistry, improvisational skills have inspired you! Think and decide.
Names for Basketball Teams for Guys The list of basketball team names have been mentioned below.
  • Memphis Blues
  • Chicago Knights
  • The Jumpers
  • The Dribbling Machines
  • The Three pointers
  • The Defending Champs
  • The Ferocious Killers
  • The Jump Balls
  • The Underdogs
  • The Survivors
  • The Extreme Chasers
  • The Insurmountable
  • The Flying Scorpions
  • Washington Bullets
  • The Dragons
  • The Pittsburgh Pipers
  • The Nemesis
  • The Smooth Operators
  • The Unleashed Fury
  • The Dynamos
  • The Mississippi Unicorns
  • The Fighters
  • Fear the Fearless!
  • The Crushers
  • The Legal Snatchers
  • The lethal Goal-ers!
  • The Even Odds
  • Extreme Vengeance
  • The Tall Hunks
  • BoB ('Best of Basketball')
Some Basketball Team Names For Girls Girls equally love the game of basketball, if not more than the boys. Check out the team names for girls basketball teams.
  • The Pink Ladies
  • The Attitude
  • Lady Eagles
  • The Butterflies
  • The Destroying Divas
  • The Mermaids
  • The Dazzling Divas
  • High Impulse
  • The Lethal Ladies
  • The Jumping Cats
  • The Awesome Blossom
  • The Lilies
  • The Daisies
  • The Red Hots
  • The Basket Bees
  • Wonder Girls
  • The Golden Girls
  • The Wild Bunch
  • The Angles
  • The Honey Bees
While choosing basketball team names, always remember that the names will represent your team and will be a source of motivation for your team members. So, always choose the name that complements the playing style and values of your team. In the process of selecting some creative names for teams, you can unleash the creativity within and give a nice name to your basketball team. In the beginning, try to think of how would you like to present your team before the opponents and audience. When you will answer this question, you will automatically get creative ideas to name your team. Besides these, you can follow the popular trends that ruled the various decades and name your team so. Every decade has gone through various changes in all spheres of life and amusing words and names have been a part of all of them. For example, in the 60s and 70s 'The Liberals', 'The Revolutionary Fundamentalists', etc. would have been apt names for teams. So, as per the changing social patterns, you can think of various team names. Hope this article will help you in picking up a name for your basketball team.

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