basic baseball rules

Basic Baseball Rules

Did you know that softball is a game very similar to baseball? This article gives you a lowdown on the basic rules and regulations of baseball.

To excel in any game, one needs to be well versed with the rules of play. The most essential thing to defeat your opponent is to understand those rules and play by them. The national game of USA, baseball is no exception to this. The upcoming paragraphs are dedicated to all baseball lovers. The Field The field consists of the infield and outfield. The infield is the area closest to the bases. The grassy area reaching farther is the outfield. The diamond is the major part of the infield, which includes the pitcher's mound, home plate, and 3 other bases. These bases are numbered counter-clockwise. From the diamond, the bases are 90 feet. Then there are the foul lines, and the whole area beyond the foul lines is termed as the foul territory. Though, the area and expanse of the ground bordering the field between the long white lines connecting the first base to the home plate and third to the home plate differ from field to field. The pitcher's mound is an elevated portion of the ground, almost in the middle of the diamond. There is rubber on that, and the pitcher has to touch one foot to the rubber while delivering the ball. The Equipment There are 3 constituents of the entire array of baseball equipment. The ball, bat, and gloves or mitt. Ball The circumference of the ball used for baseball is 23 cm or 9 inches. It is roughly the size of an adult fist. There is rubber or cork at the center, and it is wound in yarn. Finally, it is covered with white cow hide, bearing red stitching. Bat The bat is a hard, round stick, and has a diameter of around 6.6 cm or 2.5 inches at the hitting end. This end then tapers to a narrower handle, ending with a knob. It is made of a solid, single piece of wood. Gloves or Mitt These are made of padded leather, and are used for fielding. There is a webbing between the fingers on baseball gloves. It helps in latching and holding onto the ball, and to prevent the hand from getting hurt, as the ball, most often than not, comes at a high speed. The Game Each professional baseball game comprises 9 innings. Each inning is divided in half till the top of the inning, where the visiting team hits, and the home team defends. The bottom part of the inning is where the home team hits and the visiting team has to defend. Offense and Defense Both teams have 9 players in the batting order, and they need to stick to that order. A batter, after hitting the ball into the outfield, has to run to the first base, primarily. Then depending on how far the ball gone, he can run as many bases, without the risk of getting out. There are 3 strikes for a batter to prove his worth. A strike refers to a swing and a miss over the plate, which is the strike zone. If there are 4 balls in succession not pitched in the strike zone, the batter gets to go to the first base automatically. When a batter reaches a base without getting out, it is a hit. A run is counted when one circuit of diamond is completed. Finally, if the ball is hit over the outfield fence in the fair territory, between the foul lines, the batter gets the license to circle all four bases, culminating in a home run. On the other hand, the defense has to prevent the batters from reaching the next base. A strike out, fielder or defensive player reaching the base before the runner, fly out, that is a batter gets caught, and when the runner has touched the glove with the ball in it, are the 4 ways in which the defense can get the batters out. There were the basics which will help you understand and play the game. For those who are looking to playing it seriously, or even professionally, seeking the guidance of a coach is preferable.

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