baseball trivia questions and answers

Baseball Trivia Questions And Answers

Trivia questions are fun to play and they add to your knowledge kitty. Scroll down to know such interesting facts about baseball in USA.

Jake was a diehard baseball fan and he and one of his friends used to watch every single game. As they were crazy about the game, they used to throw each other trivia about baseball. If the person being asked the question did not know the answer, the person asking the question used to give the answer. The condition for asking a question was that the person asking the question should know the answer. Wow! Do you also do this amongst your friends? Isn't it cool to flaunt your knowledge to others about anything which you might be passionate about? In case you have not done that about baseball yet, check out these questions and answers and dazzle them all! Q: What shortstop holds the major league records for games played, assists and double plays? A Ozzie Smith Q: What baseball announcer said Pope Paul VI's death "puts a damper on even a Yankees win"? A: Phil Rizzuto Read more on baseball quotes. Q: Who was the first player to win the Triple Crown in major league baseball? A: Tommy Bond (pitcher and right-fielder) won the pitching Triple Crown in 1877. Q: What famous major league player went by the nickname "The Little Professor"? A: Dominic (Dom) DiMaggio, the youngest brother of Joe DiMaggio went by the nickname "The Little Professor" because of his small stature and eyeglasses. Dom played for the Boston Red Sox (1940-1942, 1946-1953) all through his baseball stint. Q: Which two cities have the oldest stadiums in major league baseball? A: Boston (Fenway Park stadium) and Chicago (Wrigley Field stadium) Q: What major league baseball team did the Walt Disney Company assume operational control of in 1996? A: The California Angels. Q: What's the most home runs hit by one player in a single major league game? A: Four. Q: When was the designated hitter rule created? A: This rule was created in the year 1973. These were some of the tough baseball questions. But don't go away as there are more to come! Q: What did Babe Ruth, Rogers, Hornsby, Ted Williams and Willie Mays all do in their first major league at-bats? A: Strike out. Q: In how many seasons did Lou Gehrig play every inning of every game? A: One Q: What governor was on hand at home plate to greet Hank Aaron when he broke Babe Ruth's home run record? A: Jimmy Carter. Q: A baseball field is approximately what size? A: 2 acres Q: Who holds the baseball record for the most career home runs on opening day? A: Frank Robinson and Ken Griffey Jr. are tied for the record for the most home runs on opening day with 8. Q: Which major league player said - "growing old is just a helpless hurt."? A: It was none other than Hall of Fame player William Mays who said that "Growing old is just a helpless hurt", which was late in his career. Q: Which former Giants star is the godfather of Barry Bonds? A:  Willie Mays. Q: Who was the last major league pitcher to win 30 games in a season? A: Denny McLain. In 1968, McLain went 31-6 and helped the Detroit Tigers win the World Series over the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games. Q: The Major League Baseball (MLB) record for strikeouts by a pitcher in one inning is four. Several pitchers have achieved that feat. However, one pitcher once struck out five batters in an inning in a Spring Training game. Who was he and when did he do that? A:Houston Astros knuckleballer Joe Niekro struck out the side in a 1976 spring training game against the Minnesota Twins. All five outs in the inning were strikeouts. Wow! That was quite a session on baseball! Wasn't it great to know about these lesser known facts? There are many more and the internet is full of these trivia! Try your hand at them! It is complete fun and who knows you may hit a home run here!

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