backyard decorating ideas

Backyard Decorating Ideas

Are you planning to decorate your backyard? Today's trends demand more of you to make a long-lasting impression. Well, gardening, arbor, and patio are evergreen concepts that can enhance your backyard. You can improvise your backyard with some accessories like fire pit, water fountain, gazebo, and also the hanging stress ball.

Gardening If you have a green thumb, you can grow a unique garden all in all. Bonsai gardening gives artistic look even if the area is too small. In a bonsai garden, you can cultivate varieties of plants like beech, red maple, ash, alder, strawberry, birch, Japanese maple, hornbeam, cypress etc. Roses of many colors and varieties will please everyone! Who doesn't want star-shaped leaves of Sweetgum turning red in autumn! Yes, you're right, it is one of the popular bonsai plants liked by many due to its myriad features. If the backyard is huge, you can go for various gardens of lilies, strawberries, or even plant all of them together in one garden! Container gardening is another excellent way wherein different colored plants are assembled in one pot. Choose red-colored Geranium that can be planted between Blanket flower (flame red) and Lobelia (waterfall blue). This pot will look colorful and pleasant to your eyes. Patio Decoration Patio decoration is an evergreen idea that can be implemented in various themes. Nautical, tropical, and Asian patio decoration ideas go along well with different types of furniture, accessories, and flowers. You can use patio for dining, playing video game, chess, Xbox, tea party, and gambling. Your patio will become a resting place if you arrange some iron patio furniture along with a shaded round umbrella and cushions to sit. A morning meditation under a calming patio will surely make your day. Fire Pit Fire pit can be a good comforting accessory for a chilling winter. You can either use wood as fuel or can go for natural gas. It is available in two types, one is a permanent fire pit that is built in-ground. The second one is adjustable pit, which is portable and you can even carry it on a picnic. You can also buy fire pits that can be used for both proposes. It must be of an extra-thick copper basin with a safety cover over it. You can choose different shapes suitable for your requirement. It can be used for warming and also to cook a dish of fresh barbecues! Wooden Homemade Arbor An entrance like arbor, which is available with a gate facility will enhance the beauty of your garden backyard. Select the place you want to build arbor and clean that place by removing grasses and shrubs. Collect some things from market - a bucket, rake, some screws, concrete with fiber, potting soil, flagstone, shovel etc. Buy a ready-made wooden arbor like red cedar, which is used the most because of its durability. Generally, height of the arbor is about 3-4 feet. Mark the location where you want to place the arbor. Dig the marked area of the garden about 1 ft. deep and pour cement into the holes. Here, do not forget to add water and stir the solution till it became hard. Now, put the side anchors inside that hole. Arrange the arbor on the anchor using screws and the drill. You can choose your favorite flowers and vines that will grow upward on the arbor to add an aesthetic appeal. Other Accessories.... Your backyard will be out of the world by decorating it with homemade accessories like using water bottle vases as flowerpots to hang variety of flowers in them or hang a laughing stress ball on an arbor in the center. Some of the other stress balls that are in demand today are basketball player, robot, couch potato ball, Buddha stress reliever ball etc. Research says that this ball is helpful in reducing one's stress level, so its name! Try this out, use a tree stump to grow plants, develop Japanese Garden theme, plant sedum sarmentosum to cover the empty land. Let's use the backyard for celebrations i.e. birthday party, BBQ grill lunch or Pizza Oven with sitting arrangement etc.! Thus, above ideas are a few examples of the amazing decorations that struck me. You can also opt for water fountain, gazebo, or a chicken coop. How about building an outdoor room for guests? You can simply modify the backyard into a playground where your children can play variety of games. It will not be an exaggeration if you appreciate your backyard in the words of Dorothy Frances Gurney as - "The kiss of the sun for pardon, The song of the birds for mirth, One is nearer God's heart in a garden Than anywhere else on earth."

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