baby shower invitation templates

Baby Shower Invitation Templates

If you are planning a baby shower for your sister or best friend, then you need to make sure that the baby shower invitations are perfect. You can use some unique invitation templates.

Is your best friend expecting a baby and you want to throw her the best baby shower ever. Then you have some serious planning to do. For expectant mothers, baby showers are one of the most anticipated events next to the actual birth of the baby. Traditionally baby showers are hosted by the expectant mother's close friends but not a relative. However, nowadays baby showers are hosted by friends, relatives and even co workers. It makes a wonderful diversion for the mother-to-be who might be a bit apprehensive about the arrival of the new baby. When planning a baby shower for your friend or sister, there are many things that you need to organize, like the venue, food, decorations and invites. One of the most important elements in organizing a baby shower is the baby shower invitations. The invitations for the baby shower should be worded correctly and its format should be attractive and appealing. Although it is possible to purchase baby shower invites from any stationery store, you can custom make them yourself too. This will not only cut down the cost and make the invites less expensive, but will also help you to customize them according to your needs. You can design the baby shower invitations centered around the theme of the party. If you know the sex of the baby, you can design the cards with a theme that revolves around it. Whatever design you choose for the invites, make sure that the key information like the name of the parent who are being honored, the venue, date and the time of the baby shower is printed on it. Think that you cannot rack your brains to come up with a good baby shower invitation idea? Not to worry. Baby Shower Invitation Template for a Boy If you are throwing a baby shower for the mother-to-be who is expecting a boy, then the following baby shower invitation can be used.
A Precious Little Bundle of Joy is on its way So please come to the baby shower for.................. (Name of the guest of honor) Day and Date................. (Day and Date of the baby shower) Begins at............. (Time at which the baby shower will commence) Venue........... (Location of the baby shower) Hosted by.......... (Name of the host) Registered at.......... (Name of the store where gifts are registered at)
Baby Shower Invitation Template for a Girl The baby shower invitation template given below can be used for designing an invitation when the mother-to-be is expecting a girl.
A Baby Shower! It's a Girl! We are throwing a baby shower for.................. (Name of guest of honor) Date................. (Date on which the shower is going to take place) Time............. (Time at which the shower will commence) Location........... (Location of the baby shower) Given with love by (Name of the host) Theme............ (Theme of the baby shower) Registered at.......... (Name of the store where gifts are registered at) RSVP...... (Host to whom the RSVP should be sent)
Baby Shower Invitation Sample Given below is a sample baby shower invitation.
Oh Boy! A new bundle of joy is on the way! So join us for a baby shower honoring Alexandra Walker Friday, November 21st 4.00 pm Cassandra's House 19 Fulham Street Given with love by Samantha Tyler RSVP to Samantha at 309.312.4444 by November 14th Alexandra is registered at Pottery Barn Kids
You can also make the baby shower invitations in different shapes like a bib, feeding bottle, teddy bear or a bassinet. This will give the baby shower invites a more attractive look.

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