baby shower for second baby

Baby Shower for Second Baby

Are you planning a baby shower for second baby? This article will help you with all the necessary things you need to keep in mind while having a baby shower for your second baby. Read on...

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities." ~ Eda J. Le Shan Yes, it's true. A new baby really is a beginning of a lot of things and this makes it reason enough to hold a baby shower for your second baby too. There are many women who hold baby showers for every child they expect, and to me, it makes all the sense in this world. However, baby shower for second baby is held on different guidelines. You have to keep a certain etiquette in mind. Throwing a baby shower for a second child isn't really common but hell! If you want it, you get it. If you're expecting a second time and you want a baby shower, you have all the reasons to deserve one. Yes, this baby shower isn't usually held. Baby shower etiquette says that a baby shower is held when a woman is expecting for the first time. However, there are circumstances in which you can hold a baby shower for your second child too. Let's check them out! Baby Shower Ideas for Second Baby The Reason There are many reasons why couples keep a baby shower for their second baby. Most of these reasons match with the circumstances in which you are allowed to hold a baby shower according to the baby shower etiquette. First, the gender of your second child is different from the first child. This time you are expecting twins. Another reason why couples hold a second baby shower is because there is a lot of year difference between the first and the second child. The Gifts Baby shower gifts for second baby are a little different from the baby shower gift ideas of the first baby. Generally, the baby shower for a second baby will receive cheaper gifts such as diapers, sets of clothes, or food items. Toys and cradles, etc. are avoided as it is assumed that these were already gifted to the first child and can be used again. Another reason being that these are a little more expensive too. Some people just give small amount vouchers and leave it to the parents to buy what they want. The People The baby shower etiquette says that people who were called or invited to the first baby shower shouldn't be invited to the second. The simple reason for this is that the baby shower for your second baby might be a burden on them. They must have already given gifts for the first child and gifting a second time is not financially suitable for most. Instead, recently acquainted people or colleagues can be invited along with a few close relatives. This is another reason why the planning should be done in advance. The Planning The first baby shower is usually a surprise for the expecting mother. However, baby shower for the second child can be a planned one, usually decided by the mother herself. Close relatives can plan the baby shower too. Like we have discussed before, the circumstances for holding a baby shower for a second baby are different and so the mother can plan the baby shower herself. The baby shower invitations can be simpler than the last time. Now that you know everything about baby shower for second baby, you'll be able to plan one with ease. For me, a baby shower is something you can even hold for a third child. It is a time of happiness and celebration, and thus doesn't have to follow the etiquette all the time. If the expecting mother wants it, she gets it. Having a baby shower for the second child really doesn't need much thinking, as you must have seen. Have Fun!

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