baby safety products

Baby Safety Products

You should know the range of baby safety products that are available today. Installing them in your household would make it a safer place for your baby and he can play and roam around freely without succumbing to any mishap. Read on...

Safety of your baby is one of the most important responsibilities that you need to consider while bringing up your child. The stage when your baby learns to crawl and toddle, is probably the most crucial and you have to remain alert at every step to avoid mishaps. With introduction of a wide range of safety products for babies, you can rely on them without any doubt. The products are designed in a way to prevent the common mishaps, like tripping, slipping, bruising, etc, that take place due to negligence. The devices are especially installed near staircases, kitchens, bathrooms and electric appliances, to ensure safety of your baby when he freely roams inside your house, accessing them without any knowledge of the dangers associated. 1. Baby Safety Cribs The place where your baby sleeps and plays should have adequately raised edges so that he doesn't tumble and fall. Look for cribs that contain a solid framework, that could be tightened or loosened as per necessity. Check the date of manufacture and ensure that the guarantee period is of minimum six months. The quality and type of the mattress is also an important thing to consider. Purchase a crib mattress that is considerably firm. Avoid using extra soft mattress and bumper pads. Using a sleeper is recommended in place of a blanket, because the latter is comparatively heaver and it might also hinder free breathing. Look for toddler cribs having high raised arches and rails. 2. Baby Safety Gates If the staircase in your house faces your baby's bedroom, then you must install a baby safety gate near it. You can also install gates and doors near your kitchen to demarcating that zone when you are busy cooking. You can also install a door near the oven so that he is not able to touch it. Portable play yards are also available at baby care shops and e-shopping sites. They are nothing, but a light weight enclosure where you can confine your baby when he is playing. Four gates are installed that make it look like a small yard. The safety gates could also be installed near bathrooms, balconies, patios and other places that are prone to accidents. Install temporary fireplace gates and screens when your baby is playing within its vicinity. You can check out these products Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate and Evenflo Crosstown Soft Portable Travel Gate, to get an idea about them. 3. Baby Safety Appliances This section covers a wide range of things that are necessary for insuring safety of your baby. Kids are tempted to toy with electrical switches, keyboards, knobs and drawers. These are certainly dangerous when operated without knowing the correct method. It's also difficult for you to monitor your kid throughout the day when he's extremely notorious. So why not installing the safety devices? Different types of safety gadgets are available in the market that guarantee electrical safety. You can also purchase those kits that contain multiple protective devices for cabinets, drawers and electrical appliances. Plug-in all the electrical outlets firmly so that he cannot access them, and attach stoppers on all doors and windows. You should also keep the drawers, doors, racks and cabinets latched and locked. Dreambaby L7081 No Tools Required Home Safety Kit and Mommy's Helper Outlet Plugs are some products that contain almost every type of safety appliances. 4. Baby Safety Bathing Gears Taking bath is a luxury for babies. In the process of playing with water, they tend to slip and fall. Thus, the need arises to look for bath seats and bathtubs that are safe and comfortable. Make sure that they are made up of slip resistant materials and are durable enough. You can float inflatable rings in the water while he is playing or taking bath. Moby Bath Spout Cover and Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub are some examples of safe bathing gears. Other types of baby safety items used for creating a safe bathing zone include tub thermometers, splash guards and safer grips. These products can also be purchased online. Even after knowing the details about baby safety products, we sometimes fail to implement them rightly. Well, this should not be the cause of your negligence. Make your house a safe place for your baby, so that he can roam around freely. Worth to mention, never leave your baby alone in his bathtub while giving him a bath and try to always be with him while he is playing.

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